Yanah Laurel: A Multifaceted Talent


Yanah Laurel is a versatile Filipina artist, excelling in various fields such as event presenting, acting, singing, directing, and modeling. Known for her captivating beauty and remarkable performances, Laurel has made a name for herself in the performing arts industry. From live vocal performances at music festivals to acting in movies, her talent knows no bounds. However, it is her modeling prowess that truly sets her apart.

Quick Facts

Table 1: Quick Facts

Fact Detail
Full Real Name Yanah Laurel
Nickname Yanah
Popular for Marrying actor Rafa Siguion-Reyna
Language Filipino
School Name Local High School
University University of the Philippines
Education BA (Writing)
Profession Actress, Host, Model, Singer
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Nationality Filipino
Ethnicity Filipino
Net Worth $850k USD
Age (as of 2023) 25-35 years old
Date of Birth Between 1997-1987
Place of Birth Manila (unconfirmed)
Current Residence Manila (unconfirmed)
Height 5′ 6″
Weight 51 kg

Yanah Laurel: Age & Early Life

There is no concrete evidence regarding Yanah Laurel’s place of birth, but as of 2023, she is believed to be between the ages of 25 and 35. She pursued a BA degree in Writing at the prestigious University of the Philippines. Initially, she aspired to become a lawyer, but her growing passion for acting led her to pursue it as a full-time career.

Yanah actively participated in school plays during her formative years, always eager to audition for professional shows. Coming from a family of lawmakers and musicians, she developed a deep appreciation for and fascination with the entertainment industry.

Yanah Laurel: Height & Weight

Yanah Laurel stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a weight of approximately 51 kilograms. With her striking personality and admirable physique, she exudes charm and radiates confidence. Her luscious black hair and captivating black eyes further complement her overall appearance.

Yanah Laurel

Yanah Laurel’s Net Worth

With her exceptional talents, Yanah Laurel has not only gained recognition but also amassed considerable wealth. Her net worth currently stands at an impressive $850k USD.


Yanah’s journey in the entertainment industry began at the age of nine when she landed her first paid job. She portrayed the character of Zoe in Floy Quintos’ stage production, “Lives.” This opportunity opened doors for her to venture into musical theater, where she further honed her craft. After completing high school, Yanah pursued a career in performing arts, working with esteemed theater groups such as Repertory Philippines, Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group (ATEG), Dulaang UP, Resorts World Manila, and 9Works Theatrical.

Yanah has made substantial contributions to various musical theater projects. Additionally, she appeared in the TV show “Tadhana” in 2017 and the 2019 TV show “The Killer Bride”. Notably, Yanah played a pivotal role in the creation of the popular 2022 program “Drag Race Philippines”. She also ventured into the music industry, releasing her debut single, “You Said,” under Mad Monkey Records between 2017 and 2018. Her second well-known song, “Naibitin,” was released in 2019.

Yanah Laurel: Husband & Marriage

Yanah Laurel is happily married to Rafa Siguion-Reyna. As of March 2023, her spouse boasts 13.8k Instagram followers. The couple tied the knot on March 11th, 2023, after being together for nearly 7 years. Interestingly, Yanah and Rafa first crossed paths in elementary school, unaware that their journey would lead them to love. It was during their collaboration on ATEG’s performance of “Saturday Night Fever the Musical” that their affection for each other blossomed.


Yanah Laurel is a dynamic talent who has conquered several realms of the entertainment industry. From her captivating performances on stage and screen to her enchanting presence on the runway, she continues to leave a lasting impression. With her remarkable achievements and undeniable charm, Yanah Laurel has secured her place as a prominent figure in the world of performing arts.

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