Who Is Timmy Trumpet Girlfriend Annette? Her Age, Height, Full Name, Instagram!!

Timmy Trumpet Girlfriend Annette Age

Annette is the longtime girlfriend of the Australian DJ, musician, songwriter, and record producer Timmy Trumpet. Timmy is most recognized for mixing jazz elements in global dance music and playing trumpet live.

Back in 2014, he made history by getting triple platinum, peaked at #1, and #2 on the Beatport and ITM charts.

What is Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette full name? How old is Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette? What is Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette Instagram?

Here is what we know so far.

As we get started with Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette wiki, bio, age, and height, scroll down to learn more about her job, background, full name, and latest Instagram updates.

Annette Quick Facts

Name Annette
Age n/a
Height n/a
Nationality Hungarian 
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Dating Engaged
Partner/Boyfriend  Timmy Trumpet
Timmy Trumpet Proposes To Girlfriend on Live Stream & She Says Yes ...
Timmy Trumpet Image Source: EDM

Birth Name/ Real Name

Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette full name isn’t yet disclosed.

How old is Annette? (Age)

Born in the year 1982, Timmy Trumpet is currently 38 years old. His birthday is on 9 June. On the other hand, his girlfriend age and birthday aren’t available.

Sun Sign/ Zodiac Sign


Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette Instagram

Despite dating a popular musician, Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette has maintained a low-key profile on social media. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts aren’t yet verified.

In addition, while searching on both ‘followers and following’ section of Timmy Trumpet Instagram, none of the pages related to Annette can be found.

So, it’s safe to assume, she doesn’t have any official Instagram accounts at the moment. One of the many reasons for this conclusion is Timmy hasn’t tagged her anywhere on Instagram including on the video of the proposal.

Birth Place



In his 2017 interview with EDM, Timmy Trumpet met his girlfriend in Hungary who couldn’t even speak English. He said,

“I just met this girl in Hungary, at first, she couldn’t speak English yet we had this connection!

She’s a legend, she’s beautiful, we’re in love. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now, she actually properly learnt the language now.”

Considering the girl is Annette, her nationality is apparently Hungarian. However, we can’t assure Trumpet is exactly talking about his fiance on the aforementioned interview.

Educational Background


Career Background

Annette hasn’t opened up about her job and professional background. However, she does seem like a music and dance lover. Recently on April 2020, Timmy Trumpet uploaded a video dancing with his girlfriend on YouTube.

Timmy Trumpet - Wikipedia
Timmy Trumpet Image Source: Twitter

Body Measurements


How tall is Annette? (Height)

While Timmy Trumpet stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (Approx.), his girlfriend Annette is somewhat shorter than him. So, her height is apparently 5 feet 4 inches.



Eye Color


Hair Color


Timmy Trumpet and Annette engaged

On April 11, 2020, Timmy Trumpet popped the question to his girlfriend Annette on Live stream performance.

Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette Image Source: Instagram

He asked his girlfriend to get up on DJ booth saying, “We usually perform this song here. But we’re gonna try something different. I want you to stand up on the DJ booth; we’re gonna perform it up here on the DJ booth. Is everyone ready???”

Once she was up on the booth, he went down on his knee and said,

“You make me the happiest man in the world. I can’t imagine life without you. You are my best friend. You are my partner in crime. You are my one true love. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Will you marry me?”

Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette said yes and the two are now engaged. They haven’t much disclosed about when they are getting married. But we definitely see a wedding on the cards for the newly-engaged couple.

Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette Image Source: Instagram

Ethnicity/ Race

Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette ethnicity is apparently Caucasian.

Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette Wiki Bio and Other Facts

  • Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette full name isn’t available.
  • She is probably Hungarian, as per one of Timmy’s interviews.
  • The two have been together for roughly five years.
  • Timmy is the first trumpet player to perform in Zero Gravity.
  • At present, he is ranked the number 13 DJ in the world.
  • One of Timmy’s biggest breakthroughs in the music world was the single “Freaks” with New Zealand rapper Savage.
  • Timmy Trumpet got engaged to his girlfriend Annette in July 2020.
Timmy Trumpet is dancing with his girlfriend - April 5, 2020 - YouTube
Timmy Trumpet girlfriend Annette Image Source: YouTube

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