Who is Model Katiuscia Silva Mota’s Boyfriend? Checkout Her Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Dating!!

Katiuscia Silva Mota wiki, bio, age, height, Instgaram, boyfriend, nationality, ethnicity, net worth 2020
Katiuscia Silva Mota Image Source: RedeTV! – Uol

Katiuscia Silva Mota is a Brazilian model who made headlines in August 10, 2020 for setting herself on fire after a heated argument with girlfriend.

Currently, she is in a stable condition at a local hospital. However, it is reported that 70% of her body is burnt.

What are Katiuscia Silva Mota nationality and ethnicity? Who is her boyfriend or partner? How long they have been dating? How much is Katiuscia Silva Mota net worth 2020?

Here is what we know about this model. As we begin with Katiuscia Silva Mota wiki, bio, age, height, continue reading to learn more about her career background, girlfriend, and Instagram updates.

Name Katiuscia Silva Mota
Age 31 years old
Height n/a
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity multi-ethnic
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Dating n/a
Partner/Boyfriend n/a
Brazilian model accidentally sets herself on fire after argument ...
Footage of Katiuscia Silva Mota on fire Image Source: Daily Mail

Birth Name/ Real Name

Katiuscia Silva Mota

How old is Katiuscia Silva Mota? (Age)

Born in the year 1989, Katiuscia Silva Mota is currently 31 years old. Her exact birthday isn’t available.

Sun Sign/ Zodiac Sign


Katiuscia Silva Mota Instagram

You can follow Katiuscia Silva Mota on Instagram under the User ID @katiusciamota. She has over 3k followers on Instagram.

On her Instagram bio, she introduces herself as “I look like a girl, like a princess, like a woman, I live like a queen and mourn like a warrior 👸❤👊”.

However, her Instagram account is private at the moment.


Serra, Brazil

Katiuscia Silva Mota Nationality

Katiuscia Silva Mota nationality is Brazilian.

Educational Background


Career Background

As far as her career background goes, she has been apparently modeling for several years. She has graced the covers of a handful of magazines and posed for different apparel and bikini brands. In addition, she has also done semi-nude photo-shoot.

Her fire incident was covered in different national and international media hubs and also reached international audience.

Katiuscia Silva Mota Brazilian model sets self on fire after fight ...
Footage of Katiuscia Silva Mota on fire Image Source: Scallywag and Vagabond

Body Measurements

She has an approximate body measurements of 36-25-38.

How tall is Katiuscia Silva Mota? (Height)

Since she is a model, it’s presumed Katiuscia Silva Mota height is approximately around 5 feet 7 inches.



Eye Color


Hair Color


Katiuscia Silva Mota Boyfriend, Dating, Married

Speaking of her dating life, it isn’t confirmed whether the model had a boyfriend. Although several news sources have mentioned she argued with her girlfriend, it isn’t clarified whether the girl is her romantic partner or just a friend. Some sources even state her girlfriend as a roommate.

Namorada de Katiuscia Mota relembra momento em que modelo teve ...
Katiuscia Silva Mota Image Source: RedeTV! – Uol

As per other news sites, Mota’s girlfriend is 21 years old woman who works with flammable materials as part of her job in perfumes and colognes.

However, nothing about her married life and husband has been brought up. So, it’s safe to presume, she isn’t married but her dating status is still up in the air.

Katiuscia Silva Mota Ethnicity/ Race

Katiuscia Silva Mota ethnicity is multi-ethnic.

Katiuscia Silva Mota Net Worth 2020

Speaking her net worth, average models in Brazil earn 3,820 BRL per month (minimum salary) to 12,200 BRL per month (maximum salary). Katiuscia Silva Mota has been in the industry for a while so her salary and net worth are expected to be good enough.

However, the precise net worth figure is currently under review.

Katiuscia Silva Mota Wiki Bio and Other Facts

  • Katiuscia Silva Mota was born in 1989.
  • On August 10, 2020, she was seen in shocking footage with her body in the fire.
  • The incident occurred in her home in Serra, Brazil.
  • She is currently in Jayme dos Santos Neves Hospital in Serra.
  • Her girlfriend told the police that the fire was sparked by a lighter after Mota came in contact with alcohol.
  • As per her testimony, Mota was on medication at the time.
  • Her mother, on the other hand, does not believe Mota purposely set herself on fire.
  • Police are still investigating whether the incident was an accident or crime.
Brazilian model accidentally sets herself on fire after argument ...
Footage of Katiuscia Silva Mota on fire Image Source: Daily Mail

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