Who Is Mitch Gimm? Know All About Felicity Palmateer Partner

Felicity Palmateer Partner Mitch Gimm

FelicityFlick Palmateer is a legendary Australian professional surfer and artist. She was practically born on the beaches of Western Australia, where she surfed alongside her courageous dad and two brave brothers. From the young age of 12, she fearlessly competed in surf competitions and has since become a true surfing icon.

FelicityFlick Palmateer is an absolute surfing legend. She is a former State Champion, Pro Junior Champion and ISA World Finalist, and at only 18 years old she was already good enough to replace a World Champion on the Women‘s World Tour in 2012. Truly incredible!

Felicity Palmateer, the star ofSurvivor: Brains V Brawn who made a splash by coming out as bisexual in 2010, is now in a loving and passionate relationship with her partner Mitch Gimm. This amazing couple have been inspiring others with their relationship and showing the world that true love knows no bounds.

The world is abuzz with the news of Felicity Palmateer and her partner, Mitch Gimm is it true that they‘re engaged or already married? What does Mitch do for a living? Everyone from Felicity fans to casual onlookers is asking these questions, hoping to get a glimpse into the life of this mysterious couple!

So without any further ado, get to know all about Felicity Palmateer partner Mitch Gimm wiki facts including updates on his age, height, weight, Instagram, background, and more. 

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Felicity Palmateer and Partner Mitch Gimm Relationship Updates, How Did They First Met?

When the professional surfer, Felicity Palmateers, saw her longtime partner and best friend Mitch Gimm arrive on the set of the Australian Survivor: Brains Vs Brawn final challenge, she was overcome with emotion. The sight of her beloved partner, who she had been in a relationship with for many years, was enough to bring tears to her eyes. This was the ultimate test of strength, and the love and support of her partner and best friend gave her the strength to face it head-on.

Felicity Palmateer and Partner Mitch Gimm
Felicity Palmateer beamed with joy, her finger sparkling with the dazzling engagement ring that Mitch Gimm had presented to her as he asked her to be his forever.

Mitch is the hermit to Felicity‘s social butterfly! Despite not yet taking the plunge and making it official, the two have been happily in love for years. Unlike Felicity Palmateers, Mitch has made an art form out of avoiding the public eye, never once appearing in the media limelight.

Felicity and Mitch may be mysterious about their personal and professional lives, but one thing is certain: surfing is the couple‘s passion! From Felicity‘s Instagram, it‘s clear they spend every chance they get in the water, riding the waves together. In fact, you could even say they‘re obsessed with it!

Felicity Palmateer Partner Mitch Gimm Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born in the early 80s, Felicity Palmateers partner Mitch Gimm age is reported to be in his mid-30s, though the exact date of birth is yet to be made public. On the other hand, Mitch partner Felicity Palmateers is in early 30s, her exact date of birth is on August 4, 1992, she is 30 years to be exact. 

Her zodiac sign is Leo. 

Is Felicity Palmateer Partner Mitch Gimm On Instagram?

Mitch Gimm has his Instagram handle under the name @mitch.gimm, but he has kept his Instagram handle in private mode. As we said earlier, Mitch Gimm is a very private person and does not like to reveal his personal life like it’s an open book. You can still follow him on his Instagram. 

Felicity Palmateer Partner Mitch Gimm having a good time together
Felicity Palmateer Partner Mitch Gimm having a good time together | Photo Credit: Instagram

Conversely Felicity‘s Instagram is an absolute sensation, boasting an astonishing 207,000+ followers! She‘s always sharing exciting updates and amazing content, with her stunning profile available under the username @flickpalmateer. It‘s no wonder her account is growing by the minute!

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