Who is Jaclyn Glenn? Explore Her Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Onision, Instagram, Boyfriend, and Dating!!

Jaclyn Glenn Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Onision, Instagram, Boyfriend

Jaclyn Glenn is an American YouTuber and commentator who is known for discussing topics such as religion, atheism, animal rights, politics, and comical fashion.

Lately, she is trending for her opinion and comments regarding another popular YouTuber and entertainer Onision.

As Onision, real name Gregory “James” Jackson, is being investigated for allegedly “grooming” girls with his husband Kai for sexual abuse, Jaclyn Glenn made a series of videos exposing and discussing the case.

This left many of us wondering about Jaclyn Glenn and Onision controversy. What is Jaclyn Glenn’s background? How old is she? How much is Jaclyn Glenn’s net worth? Who is her boyfriend or partner?

Here is our laydown about her. As we get started with Jaclyn Glenn Onision wiki, bio, age, height, scroll down to see her Instagram and dating updates.

Birth Name/ Real Name

Jaclyn Glenn’s real name or full name is Jaclyn Noel Glenn.

How old is Jaclyn Glenn? (Age)

Born in the year 1988, YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn is currently 31 years old. Her birthday is on

Sun Sign/ Zodiac Sign


Instagram ID

You can follow Jaclyn Glenn on Instagram under the User ID @jaclynglenn. She has over 206k followers on Instagram.

Birth Place

Tampa, FL



Educational Background

After graduating from high school, she went to the University of South Florida. Moore has a degree in biomedical sciences from the alma mater.

The Florida native then went to medical school to become a primary care physician, nevertheless, she dropped out when her YouTube channel became popular.

Career Background

Jaclyn Glenn first joined YouTube back in 2011. She initially used to make videos focusing on a vegetarian diet.

As the years went on, she began covering wider topics like religion and politics. Glenn is also well-known for being an agnostic atheist.

Body Measurements

She has a documented body measurements of 32-25-34.5.

How tall is Tyran Moore? (Height)

Jaclyn Glenn stands tall at a height of 5′ 9½” (1.77 m).


At 5′ 9½”, Glenn weighs between 131 – 160 lbs.

Boyfriend, Dating, Married

The 31-year-old redhead beauty is dating David Michael Frank of the band Future Sunsets. Jaclyn Glenn’s boyfriend introduces himself as “Singer. Producer. Writer. Lover. Dreamer.” on his Instagram bio.

Before dating the musician, Moore was in an on and off relationship with DaveDays for 2 years. She then dated Toby Turner for under a year.

Speaking of her ex-husband Jaclyn Glenn married musician Richie Giese from Social Repose in 2016. They separated a year later after Richie was found cheating on her.



Hair Color


Eye Color


Jaclyn Glenn Net Worth

With reference to numerous sources like networthlist, Jaclyn Glenn has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. With nearly a million subscribers on YouTube and over 124,535,506 views, she makes a substantial yearly income from the platform.

Her net worth is speculated to remain steady in 2020 with her increase exposure through recent controversies. In response to Onision’s controversy, the YouTuber wrote on Twitter,

Jaclyn Glenn Wiki Bio

Born on March 25, 1988, Jaclyn Glenn is 31-year-old American YouTuber from Florida. She has been a liberal even while still a Catholic. In 2010, Glenn became a vegetarian in 2010 and now apparently she is a pescatarian.

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