Who is Emma Alberici Married To, Her Husband? Explore Her Wiki Facts

Emma Alberici husband and wiki updates
Emma Alberici husband and wiki updates

Chief economics correspondent of ABC, Emma Alberici receives a second series of complaints from the Turnbull government.

This time the complaint is over her reporting on innovation spending. Following an internal review, Alberici roundly rejected the accusations.

On May 7, Prime minister sent a list of 11 grievances for the television story about the research and innovation spending to ABC.

It turns out Mr. Turnbill is not the only one to complain about the story to ABC. Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield also complained regarding the fact to ABC.

With this, what is Chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici like in actual life? Apart from profession what is going on in her personal life?

Let’s have a glance at Emma Alberici married life with her husband and how blissful Emma Alberici married life is, along with some of Emma Alberici wiki facts and net worth updates.

Who Is Emma Alberici Husband?

Very few individuals, especially women find it hard to balance their profession and personal life. Some do not have time for the family and others have a job that is out of control.

In case of the Australian journalist, Emma Alberici is balancing her both sides of life in a way still she failed in some part.

Alberici is married to a sound recordist on 60 Minutes, Jason McCauley. However, she and Jason separated in the year 2017. The pair spent 11 years together since their married days.

The journalist and her now ex-husband share three children. She said,

“It’s not until you have kids that you realize how blessed people are when they go to work at nine and finish at five or six.”

Unfortunately, due to her secretive nature, much about Emma Alberici husband and children is not revealed in the media publically. But Emma Alberici mentioned about her husband saying,

“My husband and I made a pact when we went overseas that we would only holiday in Italy. Europe being so vast you can see so much but so little, so we decided we’d see Italy as well as we possibly could.’’

Not long ago when her now ex-husband left the 60 Minutes, she said,

“There’s been a lot of travel in our lives since day dot. Jason’s just left 60 Minutes because we both can’t be working the hours we’ve been working. He was away 25-30 weeks in 2013, and that’s a bit tough on the kids.”

Emma Alberici further added;

“I had my time in London, he had his time for a couple of years on 60 Minutes, and now we’re regrouping, trying to work out the next fine balance.”

Nevertheless, Emma Alberici resides with her three children in Sydney. Previously, she lived in London, England, as the ABC’s Europe Correspondent.

Emma Alberici Wiki Facts:

Australian journalist and a television presenter, Emma Alberici was born in 1970. Currently, Emma Alberici age is 48.

She is the daughter of parents, Anna (mother) and Franco Alberici (father). In 1955, both of her parents were Italian immigrants who arrived in Australia by passenger liner.

During an interview, Emma mentioned about her mother saying,

” I didn’t – and haven’t – had a great relationship with my mother. She comes from a different generation and was a migrant. I just feel she never really got me.”

She also mentioned about her sibling; she said,

“And my older sister, who I’m now very good friends with, traveled a lot. So she wasn’t home a lot. And so, yeah, I kind of didn’t have, to me I didn’t have a strong woman influence.”

Emma Alberici Net Worth

Alberici graduated from Deakin University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and economics. She also received a bachelor’s degree in Italian from the University of Melbourne. As of 2018, Emma Alberici’s net worth is under review.

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