Who is ‘Domestic Girlfriend’ star Maaya Uchida? EXPLORE Her Wiki, Boyfriend, and Net Worth

Maaya Uchida

Japanese actress Maaya Uchida is also a voice actress of the character Rui Tachibana animated manga series titled ‘Domestic Girlfriend.’

Besides, Fans are desperate to know whether season 2 of ‘Domestic Girlfriend‘ will happen or not, also known as Domestic Na Kanojo. Fans liked the series’ first season, and they want to see how the relationships eventually work out.

During the 2019 season, the series became famous because it was often in the top 20 most popular animes on Crunchyroll. Then anime series Domestic na Kanojo is based on a Japanese manga series of the same name.

As one of the voice actors of the series, actress Maaya Uchida spoke about her character, Rui Tachibana, in one of her interviews. Ms. Uchida said, 

Rui is the kind of character that is easy to be misunderstood. On the surface, she always looks calm and lacks emotions, therefore people may think she is the kind of girl that is hard to talk to. But underneath, she has a very kind side. 

Anyway, the fans and viewers hope for the second season of the series. But for the time being, let’s get to know more about the voice actress Maaya Uchida.

Scroll down to discover her birthday, age, height, nationality, ethnicity, Instagram, movies, and tv shows, including her net worth through her wiki-bio. 

Full Name

Maaya Uchida

Nicknames: Mayayan


Tokyo, Japan

How old is Maaya Uchida?

Born in the year 1989, Japanese actress Maaya Uchida’s age is 30. She celebrates her birthday every year on the 27th of December. This year, she turns 31 in December. 

How tall is Maaya Uchida?

Japanese actress Maaya Uchida stands at a tall height of 5 feet 1 inch i.e. (1.55m). 





Zodiac Sign


Social Media

Maaya Uchida is active on social media platforms. She runs her Instagram account under the name (@uchidamaayataso) and has more than 200 thousand followers. 

Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer Maaya Uchida

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Apart from that, Ms. Uchida is also active on Twitter under the name (@maaya_taso) and has over 700 thousand. 

Who is ‘Domestic Girlfriend’ star Maaya Uchida? Wiki-Bio

Maaya Uchida is a Japanese singer, actress, and voice actress who works for I’m Enterprise. She has a younger brother named Yma Uchida who is also a voice actor just like his sister. 

At the 8th Seiyu Awards, Maaya Uchida won the Best New Actress Award. Under Pony Canyon, she debuted as a singer with the song Soushou no Innocence, created by Tomita Akihiro. With the role of Hakase Hiroyo, she played the Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger.

Voice Acting

Ms. Uchida had a deep interest in gaming while she was in primary school. She joined the Theater Club when she reached middle school and then realized she wanted to voice game characters and eventually found the profession of becoming a voice actor.

Anime Characters voiced by Maaya Uchida

Photo Credit: twitter.com

She wanted to become a voice actor in the autumn of her third year of high school. In 2009, Ms. Uchida completed her studies at the Narration School. After graduation, she made her debut in the OVA Boku, Otari-man as an office employee as a voice actress.

As a voice actress, Maaya Uchida admires Kikuko Inoue, a veteran voice actress. She is a fan of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, a baseball team.


With her first solo single, “Soushou Innocence” Ms. Uchida made her solo debut in April 2014 under Pony Canyon; it peaked at 14th position on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart and remained on the chart for 9 weeks.

She recorded her first solo album, “Penki” which was released on December 2, 2015; it peaked on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart at 6th position and stayed for 7 weeks on the chart.

In Nakano Sun Plaza, Ms. Uchida performed her 1st solo live concert titled “1st LIVE Hello, 1st Contact!” on February 28, 2016. On March 18, 2020, she released her 10th single named ‘No Scenario’.

Movies and TV shows

Aside from being a voice actress and singer, Maaya Uchida also featured in several movies and tv shows as an actress. Some of them are in a list below, 

  • Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku (film)
  • Noragami (voice)
  • Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma (voice)
  • The Promised Neverland (voice)
  • Blue Spring Ride Television show (voice)
  • Takanashi Rikka Kai and many other

Is Maaya Uchida dating anyone? Who is Maaya Uchida’s boyfriend/partner?

Since there are neither news nor rumors of Maaya Uchida dating anyone or having a boyfriend so we can assume that she is single at the moment. 

Back then, Ms. Uchida was rumored to be dating a Japanese voice actor Yuki Kaji. Both of them voiced characters in Ao Haru Ride. Because of their chemistry in the radio program of the show, people shipped Kaji with Uchida Maaya.

Uchida Maaya (left) and Kaji Yuki (right) pictured together

Photo Credit: kajipedia.home.blog

The radio was almost the only positive explanation of why people thought they might be dating, and perhaps also because people thought it was lovely that Maaya tried to call Kaji when she was drunk. But nothing was confirmed. 

Currently, Japanese voice actor Yuji Kaji is living a blissful married life with his wife Ayana Taketatsu. 

How much is Maaya Uchida’s net worth in 2020?

In April 2010, she signed with I’m Enterprise, the voice talent agency. She is a voice actress famous for her works in The Promised Neverland (2019), Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger (2012), and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (2015).

Other than that, a rating system for seiyuu (voice actor) operates in Japan. The ranks are from “A” to “F”, with the highest being “A”. Each rank has its own fixed remuneration. For instance, for one 30-minute anime episode, “A” rank seiyuu are paid 45,000 yen (about $443). The “No Rank” seiyuu that can set its own price is above “A” Rank.

As of 2020, Japanese voice actress Maaya Uchida’s net worth is under review. But it is estimated to be over $100 thousand dollars. 

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