Who is Aron Baynes’ wife Rachel Adekponya? Explore Her Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Net Worth!!

Rachel Adekponya: wiki, bio, age, height, instagram, Aron Baynes' wife, pictures of Aron Baynes' wife Rachel Adekponya
Aron-Baynes with his wife Rachel Adekponya Baynes

Australian professional basketball player Aron Baynes plays for Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association. He is married to his longtime girlfriend Rachel Adekponya.

Aron has 2014 NBA championship under his belt. In addition, he has won several championships including LKL champion (2010), LKF Cup winner (2010), LKL Slam Dunk Contest champion (2010), and FIBA Oceania Championship.

Although we have been hearing much about this NBA player, how much do you know about his girlfriend-turned-wife Rachel Adekponya? How much is Aron Baynes’ net worth? Do the couple have children?

Take a look at Rachel Adekponya wiki, bio, age, height, Instagram, job, and background.

Real Name/ Full Name

Rachel Adekponya

How old is Rachel Adekponya? (Age)

Born on 9 December 1986, NBA star Aron Baynes is currently 32 years old. Whereas, his wife is apparently still in her 20’s.

Instagram ID

You can find Baynes on Instagram under the User ID @houseobayne.

Zodiac Sign






What does Rachel Adekponya do? (Job)

As to Aron Baynes’ wife’s professional background, she hasn’t yet revealed her job and occupation. On the other hand, her partner played college basketball at Washington State University.

Born in Gisborne, New Zealand, Baynes joined thе Los Angeles Lakers fоr thе 2009 NBA Summer League. He signed with thе San Antonio Spurs in 2013.

Body Measurements



Standing at the height of 6’10”, Suns Aron Baynes is one of the tallest players in NBA. Whereas his girlfriend-turned-wife Rachel Adekponya is approximately 5 feet 5 inches.


117 – 143 lbs

Partner, Married, and Children

Aron Baynes and his wife Rachel Adekponya have been together for several years. Although the exact date of their marriage isn’t documented online, we can deduce they have been dating since the early 2010s.

Rachel began appearing in Aron’s Instagram in 2013. By 2016, they were married and had a child.

Other sources suggest that Aron Baynes met his wife Rachel Adekponya through another Aussie basketball player Mathew Adekponya. Matthew is Rachel’s older brother.

Together Rachel Adekponya and Aron Baynes have a child named Rachel Adekponya. You can find ample pictures of Aron Baynes’ wife Rachel Adekponya on Instagram.



Hair Color


Eye Color


Aron Baynes’ Net Worth

Speaking of the Aron Baynes’ net worth, he is the 197th best-paid NBA player in 2018/2019. He is paid a salary of six figures.

Baynes’ net worth is speculated to be 5.366 million USD. His net worth in 2019 is expected to increase with his remarkable wins and performance.

Jamira Haines Wiki Bio

  • She was born in Australia.
  • Aron Baynes’ wife has a 29-year-old older brother named Mathew Adekponya.
  • Her brother is also an Australian basketball player.
  • Rachel Adekponya and Aron Baynes apparently met through Matthew.
  • They began dating in early 2010’s and have a child named Mason Baynes.

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