Who is Alex Centomo Boyfriend Turned Fiancé, Are They Married?

alex centomo boyfriend Dan
alex centomo boyfriend Dan

Who is Alex CentomoCanadian beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger- Alex is a youtube & Instagram star. Alex Centomo has two youtube channels-one is her own. The other is a feature with her soon to be husband.

It’s called “Dan & Alex”- Alex Centomo runs the channel alongside her fiance, Daniel (Dan). She is an Influential youth in her late 20’s. Alex Centomo Instagram handle has more than 1 million followers.

Alex Centomo launched her youtube channel in 2012 & has fed up to 1160 videos so far. In 2013, Alex modeled for Brandy Melville; henceforth her Instagram career rocketed. Alex Centomo Top Instagramming Tips is-

DON’T over-edit. Keep it as true to yourself as possible… and be engaging with your audience 🙂

Apart from vlogging, Alex Centomo loves reading & listening to music. Her favorite band is “The Beatles” & song- here comes the sun. Alex Centomo grew up reading Harry Potter series multiple times.

Alex Centomo is not an introvert; she prefers running rather than yoga. Though she wears stilettoes most of the time; she likes sneakers. Alex Centomo hairstyle is always messy yet cool. She dresses up casually chic & adores anything vintage.

Amongst her most popular videos- the hair tutorials & workout routines are the ones dominating the rest. To know more about Alex Centomo dating life; whether she’s married or not? Browse below.

Is Alex Centomo Married, Who Is Alex Centomo Boyfriend?

Daniel Jensen is Alex Centomo fiance since two years ago. Together Alex Centomo and boyfriend Daniel Jensen run a youtube channel called “Alex & Dan.” The duo formed it in 18th August 2014. Daniel Jensen shares videos where his girlfriend is doing his makeup & vice versa. The screenshot below is from one of their feeds.

Alex Centomo boyfriend
Caption: Alex & Dan

Photo Credit: Youtube

Alex is set to get married within four months ahead this year. Latterly, she shared the following post @alexcentomo with her longtime lover Daniel Jensen. She also revealed a teaser text about their nuptial date.

In 4 months 😍💕

Alex Centomo fiance, engagement ring, engaged Daniel
Caption: Alex & Daniel

She spent a vacation in Greece a week ago. The holiday was a bachelorette party of her with her girlfriends. Alex engaged Dan in October 2016. As of now, they’ve already finalized their wedding venue. The venue they choose is an outdoor secluded farm/forest area.

Alex Centomo wedding venue
Caption: The wedding venue.

Photo Credit: Instagram

To know more about Daniel Jensen and Alex Centomo wedding venue, date, bridesmaid & dress. Do check out Alex & Dan on youtube. We wish Alex Centomo a very bright career & fruitful future with soon to be husband, Dan.

Alex Centomo Wiki- Bio

Born on July 6, 1990, Alex Centomo is Canadian. Currently, Alex Centomo is living in Montreal. She attended Concordia University. “To Kill A Mockingbird” is her all-time best movie. Alex has a sister named Kyla.

Alex also owns a golden retriever puppy named Boo. Ye Old Orchard restaurant is her top pick place to eat in Montreal. She prefers no makeup and lip balm is her all time fav cosmetic commodity.

Alex Centomo Net Worth

As per Alex Centomo net worth of 2018. It is under review. We will update as soon as the figures hit the web.

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