Who Can and Cannot Take Hydrocortisone Tablets

Hydrocortisone usually comes in many forms, but it is commonly referred to as an oral steroid. It is a man-made version of a natural hormone known as cortisol. Best prescribed for people who do not produce enough cortisol.

This drug belongs to a class of medicines known as corticosteroids, which are always needed for the body’s proper functioning. You can buy Hydrocortisone tablets at International pharmacy once prescribed by a medic for various conditions.

Who Can Use Hydrocortisone?

Most people who use hydrocortisone have Addison’s disease. But it can also be prescribed for other conditions such as hypopituitarism. It is a condition that affects the pituitary glands. Also, this tablet can be administered to patients who have had surgical removal of the adrenal glands. Both adults and children can use the drug in different doses.

However, not everyone is allowed to use hydrocortisone tablets. If you have any allergic reaction, diabetes, eye infection, glaucoma, stomach ulcers, liver problems, osteoporosis, underactive thyroid, or are pregnant, please inform your doctor before they prescribe it to you.

How to Use Hydrocortisone

If your doctor has asked you to use hydrocortisone, start by reading the manufacturer details to ensure you understand everything, including the side effects. Your doctor or physician will have advised you on how many tablets you are supposed to take. Please stick to your doctor’s advice.

If you are using immediate-release tablets, you will need to take 2 to 3 tablets every day. It is essential you take them after meals. If you have been prescribed the tablets from the Plenadren brand, you will only need to take one tablet 30 minutes before taking your breakfast.

For the drug to work effectively, ensure to take it at the same time every day. Continue using it until your dose is over.

Hydrocortisone side Effects

Like most pharmaceutical drugs, hydrocortisone also has unwanted side effects. But one thing is that the benefits of using this drug outweigh the side effects, and it might not have the same side effects for every individual.

The most common side-effect of hydrocortisone is feeling dizzy. Others include; vomiting, nausea, sleepless nights, increased sweating, headache, swollen ankles, and acne. It is crucial that you feel your body and inform your doctor if the side effects worsen.

How to Deal with Side-effects

Sometimes, this drug’s side effects may worsen, forcing you to stop your medication. But if you take it as prescribed, there will be no need to do that.

Feeling dizzy

If you feel dizzy, lie down and rest and ensure you do not drive.


When you get a severe headache, do not drink alcohol. Take plenty of fluids or ask your doctor if you can use a pain killer.


Drink a lot of water to feel better and ensure you consult your doctor on what to do about it.

Swollen ankles

Rest well while lifting your legs to allows blood to flow. Avoid standing for long hours.


If you experience indigestion, you can try taking hydrocortisone with your food to reduce stomach pain.

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