Where is Masterchef Winner Billie McKay Now? Explore Billie McKay Wiki Facts & Net Worth Updates!

Masterchef winner billie mckay wiki updates
Masterchef winner billie mckay wiki updates

2015 MasterChef Australia winner Billie Mckay won the total sum of $250 000 two years back. As the grand prize of the culinary show, MasterChef winner Billie Mckay also got an Italian car named Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Alongside the monthly column in “Delicious” food magazine is also what she achieved. During the grand finale of Masterchef Australia season 7; Heston Blumenthal was the guest judge. He offered Masterchef Billie McKay a job at his restaurant The Fat Duck. To which she graciously accepted. foodsforhealth.com claims Heston’s restaurant as-

The Fat Duck is a place of precision and invention. It includes a lot of modern cooking techniques that considers food pairing, flavor encapsulation, and multisensory cooking.

Masterchef winner Billie Mckay
Caption: Billie, Reynold, and Jessica during MasterChef semi-final.

Photo Credit: Channel Ten

Masterchef Billie McKay is hopeful about owning a restaurant of her own in future. Nevertheless, she is working in one of the top workplaces within the spectrum of culinary art. On her future plans, she says-

 “I plan to knuckle down and look for the right place. It’s a long road, but that’s where my heart is.”

However, to know about what is Billie Mckay doing now? Where is Billie Mckay currently? Browse further. More on MasterChef Australia winner Billie Mckay wiki-bio and net worth updates.

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Masterchef Billie Mckay Quick Facts

Name Billie Mckay
Birthday 11th July 1991
Age 31
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 150 lbs
Married Yes
Husband Hayden Suridge
Net Worth $250000

What Is Billie Mckay Doing Now?

As of now, MasterChef winner Billie Mckay is still on the culinary path but in a different setup. After her victory as the winner of Masterchef Australia 2015; Fat Duck restaurant was her workplace. Mckay was hired at a training position initially.

Nevertheless, as of now, Billie Mckay is back in town after spending approximately seven months in the United Kingdom. Last year Billie Mckay and her partner Hayden Suridge went for a long stay vacation in England.

Nonetheless, Masterchef Billie Mckay and husband is back in home territory, NSW, Australia as of now. Now MasterChef Billie Mckay is busy in her family farm working on with a solid business plan ahead.

She is apparently making cheese alongside her mom. MasterChef winner Billie Mckay is in a mood of starting out a family business as a cheese manufacturer. Billie Mckay’s mother Alison said the following when asked about her daughter’s Masterchef season 7 venture-

“It was amazing; we knew that she was a pretty good cook and had really good artistic flair so we thought she’d do pretty well.”

We wish the Mckay family a best of luck to further their culinary dream in future ahead.

Masterchef Billie Mckay Wiki, Biography

Born on the 11th of July 1991, Masterchef Billie Mckay age as of 2022 is 31 years old. Billie Mckay nationality is Australian. Bowraville, New South Wales is his hometown. Talking about Billie Mckay occupation; Billie is a Restaurant Manager. In addition to that; she is the well-known Television cook. Cancer is Billie Mckay zodiac sign.

Alison and David McKay are Billie Mckay parent’s names. Masterchef Billie has four siblings altogether. Billie Mckay siblings are Georgie, Frankie, Joe, & Rosie. After the exposure of the Masterchef gig in 2015; her social media followers grew to over 18,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, Billie Mckay Instagram handle also has more than 80,000 subscribers.

Billie Mckay Instagram
Caption: Above-Masterchef Judges, below- Billie Mckay home cooking.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Haydn Suridge is the partner of Bille Mckay. She was raised on a dairy farm in her hometown. Mckay attended Macksville High School. Ere to competing and winning the MasterChef journey, she was a restaurant manager. She worked in Ballina, New South Wales as well.

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Masterchef Billie Mckay Net Worth 2022

Talking about Masterchef Billie Mckay net worth of 2022, Masterchefaustralia.com.au estimated it to be approximately $550000. Masterchef Billie Mckay net worth may have grown up but the recent updates on Billie Mckay net worth is under review.

We will soon have Billie Mckay net worth as of 2022 published till then stay tuned!

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