‘When Evil Lurks’: Unraveling the Disturbing Ending

When Evil Lurks is a hauntingly dark movie that leaves a lasting impression. Even after the credits roll, unanswered questions linger. What unfolds in that forsaken school? Where does the malevolent spirit ultimately find its resting place? And what does it mean for the main characters? Let’s delve into the unsettling depths of this film to uncover the answers.

Unleashing the Evil

Set in a post-apocalyptic Argentina, When Evil Lurks follows brothers Pedro and Jimi, played by Ezequiel Rodríguez and Demián Salomón respectively. The duo discovers that their neighbor’s son has been possessed by a demonic force. In this grim reality, eliminating the possessed individual would only lead to the evil spreading further. Unfortunately, local politicians are indifferent to their plight, forcing the brothers to take matters into their own hands.

As events spiral out of control, Pedro and Jimi unintentionally leave a trail of destruction in their wake as they desperately flee from the malevolent entity they have awakened.

The Twisted Climax

When Evil Lurks goes beyond the conventional zombie narrative. Exorcising the entity requires a more intricate approach than simply shooting the possessed individuals in the head. This leads Pedro and his family to a spine-chilling confrontation in a school reminiscent of Children of the Corn. This eerie institution is populated by silent, eerie children who are being manipulated by the demon to safeguard its presence.

In this grim tale, the monster emerges victorious. Despite Pedro’s valiant efforts, the evil remains undefeated, and a new demonic force is unleashed upon the world.

A Father’s Despair

Pedro’s woes continue in a final epilogue sequence where he attempts to bring some semblance of normality to his autistic son, Jair, portrayed by Emilio Vodanovich. With a hopeful glimmer in his eyes, Pedro prepares apple ice cream for his son. However, any flicker of hope is swiftly extinguished. In one of the most grotesque scenes of the entire movie, Jair coughs up a massive clump of hair followed by his grandmother’s necklace. For a brief moment, his gaze falls upon Pedro.

Shocked by this disturbing turn of events, Pedro cannot deny the signs. The retired preacher, played by Silvina Sabater, had foreseen this outcome when she encountered Jair earlier in the film. She explains, “A demon got into his head and is trapped. I’ve witnessed this in autistic people. They invade their bodies but cannot comprehend their minds. They can remain lost in that limbo, tied to a knot, until they are ultimately possessed.”

The implication at the film’s end is that the demon has successfully untied the knot, and Jair is now under its possession. His first act as a vessel of evil was to consume his own grandmother, leaving a spine-chilling mark on Pedro’s soul.

If you’re ready to delve into the depths of horror, you can stream When Evil Lurks on Shudder.

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