What Was The Reason That Made Comedian Meshel Laurie Divorce Her Husband?

meshel laurie wiki, age, husband, twins and net worth details
meshel laurie wiki, age, husband, twins and net worth details

Only a few people know that being a single mother is not an easy job. She has to raise her children, balance her work and personal life and so on.

Here we are speaking of the comedienne Meshel Laurie who is a caring and responsible single mother to her children. So, where did her married life go wrong that has made her a single mother?

Who’s Meshel Laurie husband? Did she take a step forward from her past? Or still stuck there? Let’s take a peek at the personal life of the comedian including her wiki facts and net worth update.

Why Meshel Laurie Divorce Her Ex-Husband?

As mentioned above, the comedienne Meshel Laurie is a single mother but the question is; has she moved on in her life following her divorce with ex-husband?

Laurie seems busy with her work schedule that there are no rumors of her dating any guy. But it looks like she might have moved on after going through a hard time.

The comedienne ended her nearly twenty years of married life with her now ex-husband Adrian Lewinski. Meshel Laurie and her ex-husband Adrian Lewinski share a twin baby, a boy, Louis, and a girl, Dali, born on 20 November 2009.

She shared the news of her pregnancy through her Twitter account in June 2009 with due in summer.

Usually expecting a child as a parent is an exciting experience for the couple. But her ex-husband Adrian Lewinski didn’t fell the same as her.

She told Mamamia that her husband Adrian Lewinski gave her “no reaction” when she was expecting twins, saying,

” … And a pregnancy with a husband who won’t speak to you is really hard, and going through the pregnancy with nobody touching my stomach or being excited about the babies … it was hideous.”

Laurie faced a hard time because of her ex-husband Adrian Lewinski with whom she spent time together for decades. Back then, she was fortunate enough to turn to Buddhism to overcome her hard times.

At that time Laurie began writing her book called “Buddhism for Break-ups.”

Mother-of-two opened up about her “brutal moment” on her KIIS FM show with Matt Tilley. She said that she and her ex-husband Adrian Lewinski share a friendly relationship with each other. And he stays with her four nights a week to help look after their seven-year-old twins.

Moreover, Her ex-husband Adrian Lewinski revealed that he got himself a new girlfriend.

IVF pregnancy: Reason for divorce

Meshel Laurie, age 41, disclosed the reason for her divorce was IVF experience. While talking to WHO magazine, Laurie said,

“I don’t think he was necessarily ready for parenthood but I was 37, I needed to move – he definitely felt pressured into that process, so I essentially went it alone,”

“It ended it, really and truly.”

She said that she used to cry for hours inside her car before every show. In the end, Laurie said,

“No relationship – romantic, familial or platonic – is absolute and forever. We will all lose someone we rely on at some point in our lives.”

On continuing, she said,

“Separating from Adrian is the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my life so far, and the only thing I’m truly confident about is that focusing on Buddha’s teachings, will leave me in a better place than the one in which it found me.”

Knowing that their marriage wasn’t working, Laurie initiated her divorce. She married Adrian after six months of meeting at a work-for-the-dole program. And she also said that the twins changed their lives drastically.

Laurie shows a different way of showcasing the love for her kids through her tattoos.

Furthermore, the Comedienne, as well as the radio/TV presenter, Mishel Laurie’s salary, and net worth are under review as of 2018.

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