What Makes Cakes Such a Popular Dessert?

No celebration is complete without a cake. Everyone has a favourite type, every dessert menu in the world features them, and cake recipes are some of the most watched videos with millions of views on YouTube. Clearly, the world is obsessed with cakes.

But have you ever pondered on why cakes are such a popular dessert? We might have the answer for you. Here are some reasons why cakes are such a global favourite.

1. A slice of cake is a slice of joy

The bigger the slice of cake, the better it is. Cakes alone have the capability of transforming a boring party. You can choose to cut a cake at the beginning of the party or save it for the end. Everyone will remember a delicious cake and the joy it brought along.

2. Cakes are for every kind of celebration

There is a cake for every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary, there are cakes to celebrate it. People hang around until the cake cutting ceremony at parties and celebrations. The main star of the party gets all the attention from people as cakes are cut and passed around.

3. Everyone loves cakes

If you ask around — whether kids or grown-ups — everyone agrees to have at least one favourite type of cake. From the classic fruit cake to banana bread (which is arguably a cake) to the various types of chocolate cake like the Black Forest, Devil’s Food Cake or Truffle cake to the rich cheesecakes and the trendy Oreo or Kit Kat cakes, there’s a universe of cakes to choose from. And, the best way to cheer someone up is presenting them with a cake of their choice.

4. Cake decoration has reached new levels of creativity

Gone are the days when cakes varied in terms of their flavour and ingredients alone. Over the last decade, cake decoration has become more innovative than ever and it has transformed the way we imagine cakes. Today, there are multi-tiered cakes, hyper-realistic cakes, cakes decorated with edible graphic prints, 3D theme-based cakes, cakes inspired by movies and cartoon characters…the list goes on. Bottom line is, if you have a theme or idea in mind, there is a way to make an amazing cake out of it.

5. Cakes don’t cost a bomb

Are you planning a party on a budget and still want people to enjoy delicious desserts? Cakes are the best option as they are available in a rainbow of flavours and come at every price range.

Cakes from InstaCake are affordable and delicious at the same time. The size of your cake and its intricacies usually dictate its price. But in comparison to other expensive dessert options, you can enjoy cakes without spending a fortune.

While cakes are perfect for any occasion, you don’t need a special day to enjoy a cake. What if your heart desires a cake but you’re not in a mood for baking? Cake shops offering same-day deliveries to your doorstep can take care of it. So, taming your sweet cravings with a delicious bite of cake is actually a cakewalk — one more reason to love them!

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