What Are Some Popular Types of Dunlopillo Mattresses?

Mattresses are easy to purchase but you often get cheated on the quality. So, whilst shopping, you should learn certain things for recognising quality. The comfort, the price and the style matter a lot in most cases. For coming across the extraordinary combination of comfort and style, you should go for mattresses manufactured by Dunlopillo. Dunlopillo mattresses are well-designed and formulated to provide you with top-quality comfort and fabric along with premium style. The materials used by Dunlopillo for making mattresses are nature-friendly. The brand’s name is famous all over the world and they provide an 8 year guarantee but surprisingly, their mattresses are said to be lasting more than 10 years.

Popular Varieties of Dunlopillo Mattresses

People from all over the world prefer mattresses from Dunlopillo for a good night’s sleep, leaving them feeling refreshed enough to generate energy for the tasks ahead. Different Dunlopillo mattresses have different features and usages. Take a look below to know about the most popular ones.

1.      Dunlopillo Celeste Mattress

This mattress is filled with 100% pure latex. Dunlopillo Celeste Mattresses are flexible enough to offer instant pressure relief. Such mattresses also promote blood supply to body muscles so that you feel revitalised. This particular mattress is defined as neutrally aesthetic and it has an unrivalled elasticity to give comfort while sleeping.

2.      Dunlopillo Den Mattress

Dunlopillo Den Mattress is the hybrid collection of Dunlopillo mattresses. This king-size Dunlopillo mattress has 1090 pocket springs and a comfort layer of 25mm (of pure latex). This mattress is anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

3.      Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress

Dunlopillo Firmrest Mattress is filled with 18cm of pure 100% latex. This mattress comes with a soft-touch cover with Actipro technology. This technology is used for abolishing unwanted allergens from fabrics of such mattresses. This process eventually makes the mattress a more welcoming and refreshing location for sleeping.

4.      Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress

This mattress comes with 24cm of 100% pure latex. A Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress is very luxurious and is constructed for long-lasting performance. The natural suppleness and resilience of this mattress is used to maintain its shape and retain its durability for years. A Dunlopillo Millennium Mattress also offers instant pressure relief and promotes blood supply to body muscles.

Most importantly, the resilience and durability of Dunlopillo mattresses are high enough to give an individual full comfort. The above-mentioned varieties are the most popular mattresses offered by Dunlopillo, which come with an 8-year guarantee period. All mattresses by Dunlopillo are said to have long-lasting features but the 4 popular ones are also said to give flexibility while you sleep.

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