UHU Glue: The Ultimate All-Purpose Adhesive for Every Project


Looking for a reliable adhesive that can bond paper, plastic, and wood effortlessly? Look no further than UHU glue! With over 80 years of excellence, UHU glue has become a household name in the world of adhesives. In this article, we’ll delve into the technology behind UHU’s adhesive power, explore its various properties, and compare it to other adhesives on the market. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or in need of a versatile adhesive, UHU glue is a must-have in your toolkit.

What is UHU Glue?

UHU glue is a renowned adhesive brand that has been trusted by households and schools worldwide for over 80 years. This German brand specializes in producing high-quality, all-purpose glues and adhesives. UHU glue is a type of water-based adhesive made from polyvinyl acetate (PVA), which enables it to bond porous materials like paper, wood, and fabric. Unlike other PVA adhesives, UHU glue stands out with its patented polymer technology, which creates a stronger and more durable bond. Additionally, UHU glue boasts a fast-drying formula that allows for quick and clear drying, making it perfect for time-sensitive projects. UHU glue comes in various types, including all-purpose adhesive, glue stick, clear glue, and super glue, catering to different bonding needs.

Why is UHU Glue Popular?

UHU glue has earned its popularity over the years due to several key reasons:

Easy to Use: UHU glue is available in different forms such as tubes, sticks, and spray bottles, making it effortless to apply on various surfaces.

Strong Bonding Strength: Thanks to its unique polymer technology, UHU glue provides a powerful and lasting bond suitable for heavy-duty and everyday applications.

Wide Range of Applications: UHU glue is versatile and can bond different materials, including paper, fabric, leather, plastic, and wood, making it a popular choice in many households and industries.

Safe and Non-Toxic: UHU glue is safe for use by both adults and children as it is non-toxic and solvent-free. It’s also easy to clean up with water, making it a favorite among parents and teachers.

Long Shelf Life: UHU glue has a longer shelf life compared to other adhesives, making it cost-effective for occasional users.

How Does UHU Glue Work?

UHU glue is one of the most popular choices for adhesives, but what makes it so effective? Let’s explore the inner workings of UHU glue and discover its unique polymer technology and adhesive properties. By understanding these aspects, we can grasp the incredible strength and versatility that UHU glue offers.

UHU Polymer Technology

UHU Polymer Technology relies on a special formula that gives the adhesive its exceptional strength. The glue contains polyvinyl acetate and resin, which act as primary polymer agents responsible for its adhesive properties. UHU glue’s unique chemical formulation allows it to quickly bond with different surfaces by penetrating their tiny pores and forming a strong hold. This polymer technology ensures fast-drying and provides an extra-strong bond.

Advantages of UHU Polymer Technology

  • Fast drying
  • Extra-strong hold
  • Durable bonding
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile adhesive

UHU Adhesive Types and Properties

UHU glue offers a range of adhesive types, each with its unique properties and purposes. Here are some of the most popular UHU adhesive types and their applications:

  1. UHU All-Purpose Adhesive: Suitable for bonding wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramics, and most plastics. It dries transparent and can be sanded and painted, making it versatile for various applications.
  2. UHU Twist and Glue: Ideal for bonding wood, especially in DIY and craft projects. Its twistable applicator ensures precise application, and it dries clear for seamless visible bonds.
  3. UHU Plus Endfest: A two-component epoxy resin adhesive designed for high-strength bonding of metals, plastics, and composites. It sets quickly and has excellent resistance to chemicals, making it perfect for industrial applications.
  4. UHU Super Glue: A fast-drying adhesive that bonds non-porous surfaces like metal, plastic, and rubber. Ideal for small surface bonding.
  5. UHU Por: Specially formulated for bonding porous materials such as polystyrene and foam rubber. It dries transparent and flexible, suitable for various applications.
  6. UHU Max Repair: An extra-strong adhesive for heavy-duty bonding of wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, and glass. Perfect for repairing broken items or bonding difficult materials.

Each UHU adhesive type offers unique properties suited for specific applications. Choosing the right adhesive ensures optimal results. If you’re unsure about which adhesive to use, consult a professional or refer to reliable online resources for guidance.

How Strong is UHU Glue?

Strength is a crucial factor when selecting an adhesive. UHU glue is widely recognized for its high-quality bonding ability, but how strong is it exactly? We’ll examine UHU’s strength test, adhesion power, tensile strength, and waterproof capability to understand the power of this adhesive.

UHU’s Strength Test

UHU glue undergoes rigorous strength tests to ensure its quality. The tensile strength test measures the maximum stress the adhesive can handle before breaking. UHU glue not only withstands significant stress but also exhibits high resistance to impact. Its high shear strength makes it perfect for woodworking and carpentry projects. UHU glue also passes the waterproof test, maintaining its strength even when exposed to water. This waterproof feature makes it suitable for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

UHU’s Adhesion Power

Adhesion power is crucial in determining the effectiveness of glue. UHU glue excels in this aspect, making it a preferred choice for various applications.

  • Paper crafts: UHU glue bonds different paper-based materials like cardboard, foam, felt, and fabric securely, making it perfect for scrapbooking and paper mache.
  • Household repair: UHU glue is excellent for fixing broken items around the house, such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Hobby and DIY projects: UHU glue is versatile and suitable for bonding materials like leather, rubber, vinyl, plastics, wood, and metal. Perfect for assembling models, creating costumes, or crafting custom phone cases.
  • Jewelry making: UHU glue is commonly used in jewelry making, as it bonds stones, beads, glass, metal, and plastic effectively, allowing for intricate designs.
  • Model building: UHU glue is popular among model builders, bonding plastic, metal, wood, foam, and rubber. Ideal for creating model cars, planes, boats, and dioramas.

UHU glue demonstrates exceptional adhesion power, catering to a wide range of materials and applications. For detailed instructions on mixing epoxy glue or gluing ABS plastic, explore our helpful guides.

UHU’s Tensile Strength

UHU glue’s high tensile strength sets it apart from the rest. Tensile strength refers to its ability to withstand pulling or stretching forces. UHU glue’s high tensile strength makes it reliable in challenging scenarios like bonding ABS plastic, sandstone, and foam materials. Additionally, UHU glue forms a firm bond between plastic and concrete, overcoming the differing textures and compositions of the materials.

UHU’s Waterproof Capability

One of UHU glue’s most impressive features is its waterproof capability. It remains strong and reliable even when exposed to water. This makes UHU glue an excellent choice for outdoor projects and items that frequently encounter moisture. If you need to bond materials exposed to water or require waterproof adhesion, UHU glue is your go-to adhesive. Check out our article on gluing ABS for step-by-step instructions.

UHU Glue Uses and Application Techniques

UHU glue offers countless uses and application techniques. Let’s explore the versatility and endless possibilities this adhesive brings to your projects. Whether you’re repairing broken pottery, crafting unique art pieces, or tackling specific applications like gluing sandstone or plastic to concrete, UHU glue is up for the task.

Common Applications of UHU Glue

UHU glue is a flexible adhesive that finds its place in various applications. Here are some common uses of UHU glue:

  1. Paper crafts: Perfect for scrapbooking, card making, and paper mache, UHU glue securely bonds paper, cardboard, foam, felt, and fabric.
  2. Household repair: UHU glue fixes items around the house, such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, and wood. Repair broken dishes, chipped vases, and wobbly furniture with ease.
  3. Hobby and DIY projects: UHU glue is a go-to choice for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. It bonds materials like leather, rubber, vinyl, and plastics, allowing you to create intricate models, costumes, and personalized phone cases.
  4. Jewelry making: UHU glue plays a vital role in jewelry making, bonding materials such as stones, beads, glass, metal, and plastic. Create stunning custom jewelry pieces with confidence.
  5. Model building: UHU glue is a favorite among model builders, offering reliable bonding of plastic, metal, wood, foam, and rubber. Assemble model cars, planes, boats, and bring your dioramas to life.
  6. Bookbinding: UHU glue is highly regarded by bookbinders. It bonds paper, cloth, and leather, allowing you to bind your own books or repair damaged ones.

UHU glue’s reliability and versatility make it suitable for diverse applications. Choose the right UHU glue for optimal results. If you need guidance on gluing sandstone, plastic to concrete, or building a stitch and glue kayak, refer to our informative guides.

Application Techniques: Tips and Tricks

To ensure strong and effective bonds, applying UHU glue correctly is essential. Consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Surface Preparation: Clean and dry the surface before applying glue. Any dirt, dust, or moisture can weaken the bond. Use sandpaper or alcohol if needed.
  • Amount of Glue: Apply just enough glue to cover the surface. Excessive glue can result in weak joints and longer drying times.
  • Clamping: After applying the glue, firmly clamp the parts together. This provides even pressure and allows the glue to penetrate the surface for a stronger bond.
  • Drying Time: Allow sufficient drying time for the glue to fully cure. UHU recommends a minimum of 10 minutes, but actual drying time may vary depending on the project.
  • Temperature: UHU glue performs best at room temperature, between 15°C – 25°C. Avoid using it in humid conditions or when the temperature falls below 10°C.
  • Storage: Proper storage is essential for maintaining bond strength. Store UHU glue in a cool, dry place with the cap tightly sealed to prevent drying or loss of adhesive properties.

Following these techniques will ensure optimal results and strong bonds for your projects.

UHU Glue Purchasing Guide

When it comes to choosing the right UHU glue, there are various types available, each catering to specific needs. This purchasing guide will help you understand the different UHU adhesives and select the best one for your project.

Types of UHU Adhesives and Their Uses

UHU glue offers a range of adhesive types, each with its own properties and purposes. Here are some common UHU glue types and their applications:

  1. UHU All Purpose Adhesive: Versatile adhesive suitable for wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and more. Provides strong and durable bonds.
  2. UHU Acrylic Adhesive: Specifically designed to bond acrylic plastic materials. Dries clear and offers a strong and flexible bond.
  3. UHU Patafix: Unique adhesive that works as a temporary fixing agent. Ideal for sticking lightweight objects like posters, photos, and decorations on walls without leaving residue.
  4. UHU Super Glue: Fast-drying adhesive perfect for bonding non-porous materials like metal, plastics, rubber, and more. Offers quick setting and strong bonding power.
  5. UHU Twist and Glue: Ideal for model making and other crafts. Its tube shape with a precision tip allows easy application in hard-to-reach areas. Dries clear for seamless bonds.
  6. UHU Stic: Non-toxic and washable white glue stick, perfect for school projects, paper crafts, and more. Dries clear and provides a strong bond.
  7. UHU Max Repair Extreme: Super-strong adhesive for heavy-duty repairs, fixing metal, wood, plastic, and more. Offers a waterproof bond, suitable for outdoor use.

These are just a few examples of UHU adhesive types. Read the labels carefully and select the appropriate UHU glue for your specific needs and materials.

Choosing the Right UHU Glue for Your Needs

To choose the right UHU glue, consider the following factors:

  • Material compatibility: Different UHU adhesives are designed to work with specific materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, fabric, and ceramics. Choose the appropriate UHU glue for a strong and lasting hold.
  • Strength requirements: Evaluate the weight or force that will be placed on the bonded materials. For heavy-duty applications, UHU MAX REPAIR or UHU ULTRA FAST are excellent choices. For lighter-duty applications, UHU ALL PURPOSE ADHESIVE or UHU TWIST & GLUE may suffice.
  • Application method: Certain UHU adhesives are designed for specific application methods, such as tubes, brushes, or sprays. Choose a UHU glue that matches your preferred application method for ease and precision.
  • Drying time: Consider the project’s requirements regarding drying time. UHU SPEED or UHU FAST & PERFECT offer fast drying options, while UHU TWIST & GLUE and UHU MAX REPAIR allow more time for adjustments before the bond sets.

Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision and achieve successful bonding.

UHU Glue Safety Precautions

Handling any adhesive, including UHU glue, requires safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are essential safety measures when using UHU glue:

  • Always use UHU glue in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling fumes.
  • Wear gloves to protect your skin from the glue and potential irritants.
  • Avoid ingesting UHU glue. Seek immediate medical attention if accidentally ingested.
  • Prevent contact with eyes and mouth. If contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical help.
  • Keep UHU glue out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store UHU glue in a cool, dry place, away from heat or flames.
  • Do not puncture or burn UHU glue containers, as they may release harmful fumes.
  • Discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately if you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • Follow the instructions on the label carefully and take appropriate safety measures to avoid accidents or injuries.


UHU glue lives up to its reputation as a must-have adhesive due to its polymer technology, strength, and versatility. It offers exceptional adhesion power, high tensile strength, and waterproof capability, making it suitable for various applications. However, as with any adhesive, follow safety precautions and select the right type of UHU glue for your needs. UHU glue is your reliable companion in crafting and repairs.

With UHU glue, you can trust that your projects will hold up reliably for the long term. Its advanced polymer technology, exceptional adhesion power, extensive applications, ease of use, and trusted brand make it one of the best adhesives on the market. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional craftsman, UHU glue is your partner for success.

If you have any further questions, check out our frequently asked questions section for additional information. References for further reading are also provided.