Tobacco Consumption Techniques are More Versatile than Ever

Change is a constant thing in life, evident in how industries have evolved since ancient times. In the tobacco sector, we have seen an increase in how you can ingest the products. It includes the invention of new equipment and different tobacco forms. Businesses are competing for clients, and it plays a role in the innovation the industry is experiencing.

Tobacco users have various options like this one to consider when looking for a suitable method for nicotine intake. We can summarize the products into two major groups;

Smokeless Forms

Although the dangers of using the smokeless forms are much lower than those that produce smoke, there are health risks to using them. Limiting the frequency of use to once or twice a week is advisable to avoid dependency on the substances. Here are the types of smokeless tobacco forms you can find;

  • Pouches: are quite new to the industry, and you take them orally. The tobacco will be in a package ‘pouche’ which you place on the inner lips. It will have tobacco strips and other ingredients to give it a sweet flavour.
  • Snuff: the product is in powder form, and you inhale it through the nose. Still, you can place it orally between the lips and the gums. The ones you ingest via the mouth will be moist, while the dry ones are for nose inhalation.
  • Dissolvable: are nicotine products that dissolve into the mouth and feel the effect as the body absorbs the contents. You can find them in strips and others resembling candy sticks: People will rarely know the difference. So, you must keep them away from children’s reach. Dissolvable take several minutes to dissolve, but it depends on the size: Sticks take the longest time


Here are the forms you can smoke;

  • Cigarettes: are the most used method to consume tobacco. Manufacturers will dry the tobacco and roll them in paper for smoking. Most brands will have a filter to minimize the impact of inhaling the product. There are different cigarette brands to consider. The menthol ones are less intense to inhale.
  • E-Cigarettes: entails using electronic devices to inhale tobacco in vapour. It uses tobacco extract in liquid form, which you pour into the device, which will heat the product without fire. This method is popular with the youths.
  • Cigars: are compact and more extensive than cigarettes. They are packed with tobacco; a user inhales the smoke as it burns. Adults of different age groups prefer cigars for special occasions. It is affordable since you can buy them in small quantities. Still, you can get smaller cigars in large packages. In most scenarios, the nicotine concentration will be progressive as the cigar size increases.
  • Waterpipes: other popular names are ‘shisha’ and ‘hookah.’ It entails using specialized equipment with a chamber to insert the tobacco, a water bottle to filter the smoke, a pipe, and a nozzle for oral inhalation. You can find them in entertainment joints or buy the equipment to use at home.

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