Theodore Barnes: A Charismatic Actor With Enormous Potential

Real Name: Theodore John Barnes
Birthday: July 26, 2002
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 165 cm
Occupation: American Actor

Theodore Barnes, an up-and-coming actor, has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his talent and charisma. The 21-year-old American actor has swiftly established himself as an actor to watch, thanks to his noteworthy performances in various popular television shows. Barnes’ acting career took off with roles in Nickelodeon’s Legendary Dudas series and later, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

Since then, Theodore Barnes has been featured in other notable television shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Goldbergs, and Prince of Peoria. One of his more recent and prominent roles is starring in the 2021 BET+ comedy series, The Ms. Pat Show, which garnered rave reviews and set records for viewing and audience engagement on the platform. With a promising career ahead, Theodore Barnes continues to captivate viewers with his diverse and engaging performances.

Theodore Barnes: Early Life and Family


Theodore Barnes, born on July 26, 2002, is a talented actor who began his career at a young age. Currently, at the age of 21, he has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He hails from San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, United States, where he spent his formative years.

Early Years

Growing up in San Pedro, California, Theodore was raised alongside his younger brother Jacob Justin Barnes, who is also an actor. There is limited information about his parents, but it can be assumed that they are supportive of his budding acting career. Barnes started acting at a young age and landed his first big break at just 11 years old as a series regular on “Back in the Game” for ABC, opposite James Caan, Maggie Lawson, and Josie Totah. Since then, he has worked consistently in the industry.

Throughout his career, he has gained popularity for his roles in various projects, such as “Prince of Peoria” and “Legendary Dudas”. While his family largely remains out of the public eye, it’s clear that Theodore Barnes has a bright future in the world of acting.

Career Journey

Initial Breakthrough

Theodore Barnes started his acting career as a young talent in California. He initially enjoyed acting as a fun hobby while attending school and slowly began to realize his passion for it over time. He took on small roles and appeared as a background actor in various projects before landing his first significant role. His initial breakthrough came when he was cast as one of the lead characters in the Nickelodeon series Legendary Dudas. The show provided him with an excellent opportunity to showcase his acting abilities, and it quickly gained him recognition in the industry.

Rise to Fame

After his successful stint with Legendary Dudas, Barnes continued his career in television with the popular Nickelodeon show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. In addition, he made guest appearances in other series like I Didn’t Do It, The Goldbergs, Back in the Game, and Goliath. His talent, hard work, and dedication towards his craft led to a steady rise in fame.

Eventually, Barnes landed an even more prominent role in BET+’s comedy series The Ms. Pat Show. The show debuted to rave reviews and set records for viewing and audience engagement on the platform. Theodore Barnes’s portrayal of a key character in the series further established him as a promising actor in the comedy genre.

Throughout his career, Theodore Barnes has demonstrated remarkable skill and versatility in his performances. Standing out in both comedy and drama, he continues to impress audiences with his natural talent and engaging presence on screen.

Significant Roles

Prince of Peoria

Theodore Barnes portrayed the character of Brian Walls in the popular Netflix series “Prince of Peoria.” The show follows the adventures of a young prince who goes undercover as a regular kid to experience life as a regular teenager. Theodore’s role in this series further highlights his versatility as an actor.

Netflix Originals

In addition to his work on “Prince of Peoria,” Theodore Barnes has also appeared in other Netflix Original productions. His performance in these shows has contributed to his rising presence in the entertainment industry. One notable role is that of Teddy in the film “Revival,” which showcases the young actor’s ability to take on diverse characters and storylines.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Theodore Barnes has also displayed his talent in the hit television show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” where he portrayed the role of Young Terry. This recurring role allowed Barnes to showcase his skills in a different genre, as he stepped into the shoes of one of the show’s main characters in flashback scenes. His performance added a new dimension to the character, further establishing Theodore Barnes as an emerging talent.

Throughout his career, Theodore Barnes has taken on various challenging roles that have helped establish him as a prominent actor in the industry. With significant roles in popular shows like “Prince of Peoria” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” as well as appearances in Netflix Originals like “Revival,” Theodore continues to make a name for himself in the world of entertainment.

Recent Projects

Current Works

Theodore Barnes is currently receiving much attention for his role in the BET+ comedy series “The Ms. Pat Show”. The sitcom, based on the life of comedian Ms. Pat, showcases her experiences as a suburban mom and her family’s struggles and triumphs in daily life. Theodore plays Teddy Jackson, one of the main characters, and has left a strong impression on the audience with his performance. As “The Ms. Pat Show” has debuted to rave reviews, it is setting new records for viewing and audience engagement on the BET+ platform.

Future Prospects

Although specific details about Theodore Barnes’ future projects have not been disclosed at the moment, his strong performance in “The Ms. Pat Show” surely opens doors for further opportunities. Theodore’s confident portrayal of his character combined with his knowledgeable and neutral acting skills exhibit his potential for even more diverse roles in the entertainment industry.

His past involvement in other TV shows like “Hunter Washington” in “Bad Judge” and appearances in movies like “Revival!” have proven his versatility as an actor. As Theodore’s career continues to grow, fans can look forward to seeing him in more TV series, sitcoms, and movies, bringing fresh energy to the entertainment landscape.

Public Persona

Theodore has developed a public persona showcasing his interests, talents, and personal life.

He maintains a presence on popular platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he connects with fans, shares updates about his career, and offers glimpses into his daily life. On social media, he presents himself as confident, approachable, and engaging, resonating with his followers.

On Instagram, Theodore shares behind-the-scenes content from his acting projects, as well as personal moments, like surfing and spending time with family and friends. His posts showcase his fondness for Los Angeles and its vibrant lifestyle.

While Theodore is not as active on Twitter as on Instagram, he occasionally tweets to interact with fans, support fellow actors, and promote his latest projects.

Interests and Hobbies

Off-screen, Theodore Barnes has a variety of interests and hobbies that shape his persona. One notable aspect is his love for surfing. Living in Los Angeles, he takes advantage of the city’s proximity to the ocean, making it an ideal location for catching waves. In addition to surfing, Theodore also enjoys spending time with his brother, who often appears in his social media posts.

Aside from these, his passions include exploring the city, taking on new acting challenges, and engaging with his fans both online and in person. Overall, Theodore Barnes’ public persona reflects his enthusiasm for life, dedication to his craft, and appreciation for his family and followers.

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