The Best Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is one of the worst things someone can deal with.  It’s not fun to try to live your normal life and have to deal with muscle spasms or aches, and it’s even worse when you usually lead an active lifestyle.  Although some prescription medications can target this problem, not every discomfort or pain needs a prescription.

There are the top ways to relieve muscle pain with things that you may have at home.

Slowly Stretching and Releasing It

If the pain is in your neck or back, avoid this tip, but slowly and carefully stretching and releasing can be a great option for the rest of the body.  This can help stretch out the muscle and give it the chance to lengthen and stop cramping and hurting you.  Make sure you move slowly and take your time; trying to rush something like this may make the muscle ache more.

Dietary Changes

We could all use more water in our daily lives.  This is more true for people suffering from muscle pain than anyone else. So drink more water, eat more green and leafy vegetables, and eat bananas more often.  Bananas are rich in potassium and proteins that can aid in muscle recovery and allow you to become more mobile.

Ice To Reduce Inflammation

A lot of muscle pain is inflammation making it hard for it to stretch or contract.  Consider investing in an ice bath for pain relief since it can minimize inflammation and offer a chance at healing.  If your muscle pain is from a sport or other physical activity, taking occasional ice baths will allow you to recover faster, become more alert, and be ready to take on more every time.

Heat To Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow is important when your muscles are tight, especially if it’s in your leg.  If that’s the case, you can use heating pads to warm the area or start a bath with hot water and soak the affected area until the muscle relaxes.  Many find success trading off between heat and cold to get the best of both effects. However, if it starts to feel sensitive to temperature, you should stop.

Taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen

Either aspirin or ibuprofen can be useful if they’re your only options.  Both work to reduce your inflammation and thin your blood so that it moves easier and increases circulation.  If you go this route, make sure you eat with this medication; taking either on an empty stomach may eventually lead to stomach ulcers.

Massaging The Area

Rubbing and massaging the affected area is a fantastic way to increase circulation and add heat when you can’t stop to take a hot or cold bath.  Use the heel of your hand and press gently to knead against it.  Although this may hurt and be sore at first, eventually, it can stretch out and relax your muscles.  Don’t push yourself or rush; taking your time with this can guarantee even healing.

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