Solo Uniacke: The Son of Robie Uniacke & Rosamund Pike

Table of Contents

  • Quick Facts
  • Solo Uniacke Age & Biography
  • Solo Uniacke Parents
  • Solo Uniacke Name Meaning
  • Solo Uniacke’s Net Worth
  • Solo Uniacke Now

Quick Facts

Birth Name Solo Uniacke
Date of Birth 6th May 2012
Birth Place United States of America
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 10 years old
Fathers Robie Uniacke
Mother Rosamund Pike
Brother Atom Uniacke
Skin color White
Eye color Dark brown
Hair Color Blonde
Net worth

Solo Uniacke Age & Biography

Solo Uniacke was born on May 6, 2012, to businessman Robie Uniacke and actress Rosamund Pike. Currently 11 years old, Solo is the firstborn child of his famous parents. Despite their prominent status, Robie and Rosamund have chosen to keep details about Solo’s life private until he reaches the age of consent. Solo is still in preschool but will soon be transitioning to high school. During the lockdown, Solo’s father taught him Mandarin, a language he had to learn from scratch for his children.

Solo Uniacke Age

Solo’s physical appearance takes after his mother, with blonde hair and blue eyes. As he continues to grow and mature, his physical characteristics such as height and weight are subject to change.

Solo Uniacke Parents

Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke, Solo’s parents, are both well-known in their respective fields. They began dating in 2010 after meeting at a party. Three years into their relationship, Solo Uniacke was born. Rosamund and Robie have two children together, but they have chosen not to marry.

While Rosamund has never been married, not even to Robie, she has had a successful career in the film industry.

Solo Uniacke Name Meaning

The name Solo carries various meanings. It can refer to being alone or someone who has lived in a country estate. In Thailand, the name signifies making something red hot. Uniacke, on the other hand, is an Anglo-Norman name often associated with respected military officers. Derived from the Latin phrase “Unicus Est,” the name represents strength and attributes admired by Solo’s parents.

Solo Uniacke Parents

Solo Uniacke’s Net Worth

As Solo is still too young to earn money in his own name, any assets he may have are managed by his parents until he reaches the age of majority. Therefore, estimating his net worth is impossible.

However, being the son of wealthy parents, Solo enjoys the benefits of their resources. Robie Uniacke, a businessman who has worked with brands such as Vogue, has accumulated a net worth of $10 million. Rosamund Pike, known for her role as a Bond girl in Die Another Day, is worth $6 million, primarily from her movie appearances and brand endorsements.

Solo Uniacke Now

At present, Solo Uniacke is focused on his education and enjoys a normal life with his parents. Shielded from media attention, he has yet to be affected by the celebrity status of his parents. However, the duration of this privacy is uncertain and dependent on Solo’s own choices.