Sol Xochitl: An Insight into Mike Tyson’s Former Partner


In this article, we will delve into the life of Sol Xochitl, the ex-girlfriend of renowned boxer Mike Tyson. Despite her minimal public presence, Xochitl played a significant role in Tyson’s life during the 2000s. Join us as we unravel the details and uncover the lesser-known aspects of their relationship.

1. Sol Xochitl – A Mexican Connection

Sol Xochitl, born in the winter of 1975/76, hails from Mexico, with Mexican parents. Although Tyson often referred to her as Mexican, not much information is available about her life before meeting the legendary boxer.

2. A Chance Encounter at a Strip Club

Tyson’s path crossed with Sol Xochitl’s at a strip joint in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, Xochitl was working as a stripper, and Tyson, in his biography, mentioned her as Shelley. Their initial meeting at the club marked the beginning of their relationship.

3. A Fitness Enthusiast

Sol Xochitl exhibited a passion for fitness, surpassing even the athletic Tyson. On one occasion, Tyson and his assistant Darryl engaged in throwing around a fifteen-pound medicine ball for exercise. To Tyson’s surprise, Xochitl joined in and effortlessly matched their intensity, throwing the ball 250 times without tiring.

4. Love During Bankruptcy

During their time together, Tyson faced severe financial hardships. He owed approximately $27 million, with $17 million owed in back taxes to the IRS and English tax authorities. The remaining $10 million was a result of personal expenses, including divorce settlements, mortgages, and staggering legal fees. Despite his bankruptcy, Xochitl stood by Tyson’s side.

5. Coping with Tragedy

Sol Xochitl and Tyson shared an unimaginable tragedy on May 26, 2009. Their daughter, Exodus, lost her life in a devastating accident. While playing on a treadmill at their Arizona home, she became entangled in a cord, resulting in unconsciousness. Xochitl, who was present at the scene, immediately called 911 and did everything she could to save her daughter. This heart-wrenching incident left an indelible mark on both Xochitl and Tyson.

6. A Disappearing Act

After the loss of her daughter, Xochitl retreated from the public eye. The grief she experienced may have rendered her unable to care for her other child, Miguel. As a result, Xochitl’s presence gradually faded away. Once associated with a high-profile personality, she now resides in complete obscurity.


Sol Xochitl, the ex-girlfriend of Mike Tyson, played a significant role in the boxer’s life during a tumultuous period. Her Mexican roots, chance encounter at a strip club, and unwavering support during bankruptcy showcased her influence. However, tragedy struck when her daughter’s life ended prematurely, leading to Xochitl’s withdrawal from the public eye. Today, her name remains a mere echo, lost in the shadows of the past.

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