Ray Shulman Passed Away At The Age Of 73

Ray Shulman, the guitarist, and co-founder of the legendary progressive rock band Gentle Giant, died recently at the age of 73. He passed on March 30, after a lengthy sickness, in London. Derek Shulman, Ray’s sibling, and bandmate, verified the news on Facebook.

Derek stated:

“I am deeply saddened to announce that Ray Shulman, my younger brother and best friend, died on March 30th at his home in London.” I stayed with him until the end as he fought a lengthy sickness. At the very least, I know he is now at ease.”

Fans and music enthusiasts all over the globe were shocked to learn of Ray Shulman’s passing. He is survived by his wife, Barbara Tanner, his elder sibling, Philip, and his bandmate, Derek Shubhman.

After Gentle Giant dissolved in 1980, Ray Shulman pursued a job as a music composer.

Ray Shulman started his work in the mid-1960s when he joined Simon Dupree and the Big Sound. Shulman provided singing as well as bass guitar and fiddle to the ensemble. Shulman and his companions, his siblings Derek and Phil, created Gentle Giant after Simon Dupree and the Big Sound dissolved in 1969.

Gentle Giant, the band’s second record, was published in 1970, and they soon established themselves as one of the most creative and artistically daring acts of the time. Their music incorporated rock, classical, jazz, and folk components, as well as complicated time signatures, elaborate vocal harmonies, and virtuoso instrumental performances.

Ray Shulman

Shulman sang backup and main vocals on many of the band’s tracks while playing bass, fiddle, and a range of other instruments. The Gentle Giant traveled widely around the globe, releasing 11 studio recordings and several live CDs. They were famous for their extravagant stage performances, which frequently featured complex lighting, dramatic elements, and wardrobe changes. Shulman continued to work as a composer and studio guitarist after Gentle Giant dissolved in 1980. Electric Progression (1990), The World Within (1999), and The Ray Shulman Project were among his recordings. (2003). In recent years, he has been engaged in several revival ventures and homage performances to Gentle Giant’s songs.

Ray Shulman received tributes from admirers all over the globe.

Shulman received widespread acclaim for her efforts as a pianist. When word of the renowned musician’s death spread, Twitter was inundated with condolences.

More information on Ray Shulman’s outfit Gentle Giant

Shulman’s band, Gentle Giant, earned critical praise and notoriety for their creative and genre-defying music.

Here are some of the band’s significant accolades and honors:

Gentle Giant earned the Melody Maker fans’ vote for Best Group in 1976. The band received the Progressive Music Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, recognizing their achievements in progressive rock music. In 2016, the band’s record Octopus was named one of the “50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time” by Rolling Stone. (1972).

Ray Shulman

Many performers and reviewers have lauded The Gentle Giant over the years, and many artists from various styles have mentioned it as an inspiration. Gentle Giant and their music have remained popular with listeners and have had an impact on the evolution of progressive rock and other styles.

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