New Apple AirPods Max refresh expected in 2024: Exciting features to look forward to

The highly anticipated refresh of the AirPods Max is set to arrive next year, according to renowned Apple leaker and tech journalist, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. With their last update dating back to their debut in 2020, it’s about time for some exciting new features.

The AirPods Max made waves on social media three years ago due to their hefty $550 price tag. While Gurman doesn’t mention any price cuts for the next iteration, he does reveal two interesting features that might catch your attention.

Two anticipated features for the next AirPods Max

Gurman’s insider sources suggest that the next AirPods Max will come with the following updates:

  • USB-C charging port: The inclusion of a USB-C charging port will provide users with a more versatile and widely compatible charging solution.
  • New colors: In addition to the existing color options, Apple plans to introduce fresh color choices that allow users to express their individual style.

Refreshes are coming in 2024.

If you were hoping for more, Gurman suggests that there won’t be many other changes. However, it would be great if Apple surprised us with additional improvements. While the AirPods Max boast premium materials, it would be beneficial if they could maintain the high-quality build while incorporating lighter materials. Some users find the current version quite heavy.

It’s also important to note that the AirPods Max are not designed for workouts. Hopefully, Apple will consider releasing a sports version of these over-ear headphones in the near future.

Besides the AirPods Max, Gurman reveals that Apple has plans for an “end-to-end overhaul” of its entire AirPods lineup. This includes updates for the entry-level AirPods as well as the AirPods Pro. So expect an array of refreshing changes across the board in 2024.

In conclusion, the new AirPods Max refresh is eagerly anticipated, and while the main updates seem to be the addition of a USB-C charging port and new color options, we can hope for more surprises from Apple. Stay tuned for further announcements on the Tan Hung Primary School website, as we bring you the latest updates on the AirPods Max and other Apple products.

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