Michael J. Lindell Ex-Wife Dallas Yocum Age, Height, Wikipedia, Instagram, 2023 Updates

Dallas Yocum age

Dallas Yocum rose to stardom as the ex-wife of an American businessman and the CEO of My Pillow, Michael James Lindell. The businessman is sometimes recognized as the “My Pillow Guy.” As an avid supporter of and advisor to former U.S. President Donald Trump, Mr. Lindell achieved notoriety, starting with his 2016 campaign, and continuing past his tenure.

In this write-up, we have gathered all the information that you need to know about Michael James Lindell aka My Pillow Guy ex-wife Dallas Yocum. We’ve packed all the information on Dallas Yocum and Michael James Lindell into this article, so be sure to read it all the way through to get all the details you need.

Dallas Yocum Michael J. Lindell Ex-Wife Quick Facts

Full Name Dallas Yocum
Birthdate 1980
Birthplace The United States
Age 43 years old
Height N/A
Nationality American
Profession Self-employed
Husband Michael J. Lindell (ex)

Michael J. Lindell Ex-Wife Dallas Yocum? Her Wiki, Biography, Early Life  

Following her short-lived marriage with American businessman Michael J. Lindell, Dallas Yocum became the talk of the town. As of now, there is little or no information on Michael J. Lindell ex-wife Dallas Yocum’s parents, family, and education. But we will try to update it as soon as possible. Until then, stay tuned to get the latest updates on Michael J Lindell ex-wife Dallas Yocum.

Dallas Yocum parents
Michael J. Lindell ex-wife Dallas Yocum

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Besides, it appears that Dallas Yocum is active on Twitter and runs her account under the name (@DallasC6).

Michael J. Lindell Wife Dallas Yocum Now Updates

Since Dallas Yocum rarely appears before the media, her whereabouts are unavailable at the moment. On the other hand, her ex-husband Michael J. Lindell previously went through a failed marriage with his first wife Karen Dicky.

As of now, Mr. Lindell is dating Kendra Reeves, who completely transformed his life when he was depressed by two marriage failures. In 2014, the two met and she urged Lindell to focus more on his faith. He said,

I would say, ‘Well, I believe in God.’ But it was different with her. I was watching her, and I said, ‘Wow, I want what she has.’ I didn’t have that relationship with Jesus that she did,

However, It’s uncertain if, the pair is still together. They didn’t announce the split officially, but Reeves vanished from Lindell’s social media.

Dallas Yocum and Michael J. Lindell Relationship

Dallas Yocum is the second wife of American businessman Michale J. Lindell. The couple got married in the year 2013. The pair dated for two years before getting married.

Dallas Yocum ex-husband
Michael J. Lindell (right) and Kendra Reeves (left)

Photo Credit: starsgab.com

However, two weeks after their marriage, Dallas left him calling him a boring person. She was unhappy with him and found no similarities between them. As the founder of MyPillow remembered, when they were out together, he told Dallas Yocum she was “distant” and “distraught”. Mr. Lindell claimed,

She looked at me while I was driving and said, ‘I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring. We don’t have anything in common, and you’ve ruined the last two years of my life,

According to the Trump Supporter, while a lot of her family members eventually moved there and worked for MyPillow at the time, Dallas Yocum also complained about living with Mr. Lindell in Minnesota, far away from her loved ones.

Michael J. Lindell and Dallas Yocum Divorce

Following their wedding in June 2013, Mr. Lindell filed for divorce in mid-July. Describing himself as ‘blindisded’, he didn’t the break-up coming. When Dallas stopped responding to him, he flew to see her in the middle of the night. He said,

Then people started telling me stuff out of the woodwork. People told me at the wedding she told people, ‘I’m not going to be married very long. This is very short-lived.’

Everybody’s got a story about how something wasn’t quite right. She didn’t have that gleam in her eye, she didn’t have any stories to tell.

At least a prenuptial arrangement was in place, so the massive wealth of Lindell was safe. However, Dallas Yocum allegedly took the wedding ring with her, which Lindell said “was worth a lot.”

According to Mr. Lindell, she was still on the corporate payroll, despite not currently working with them.

Dallas Yocum age
Dallas Yocum ex-husband Michael J. Lindell

Photo Credit: truthinadvertising.org

How Old Is Michael J. Lindell Ex-Wife Dallas Yocum? Age, Birthday

Born in the year 1980, Dallas Yocum age is 43 years old at the moment. Unfortunately, the exact date of her birthday is still under wrap which will be revealed soon. Dallas Yocum 43yearold lady is an inspiration to many. She is a successful businesswoman and is active in her community and has a passion for fitness.

How Tall Is Dallas Yocum?

Michael J. Lindell ex-wife Dallas Yocum stands at a tall height which might be around 5 feet 5 inches. She works out regularly, eats a healthy diet, and takes care of her mental and physical well-being. She is an advocate for living a balanced lifestyle and setting realistic goals. Yocum encourages others to prioritize their health and wellbeing and to take the time to nurture themselves. Dallas Yocum is an example of how one can maintain their health and happiness in the midst of a busy and demanding lifestyle.

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