‘Married at First sight’ Couple: Is Woody Randall still together with Amani? EXPLORE His Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Nationality, Instagram, and Background

Woody Randall

Woody Randall and his partner Amani are one of the five couples on the 11th season of the reality show ‘Married at First Sight.’

Besides, the show features a group of singles deciding to marry partners selected by a team of relationship experts for them. Looking forward to a happy match, they meet their partners on their wedding day for the first time.

From the last season of the show, only one couple is still together today. Some viewers think that the experts got a couple exactly correct when it comes to Season 11: Woody and Amani.

However, the question is ‘are Woody and Amani still together?’ so, let’s get to know the details on the pair’s relationship. Prior to that, find out who is woody Randall?’ through his wiki-bio. Scroll down to discover his age, height, nationality, Instagram, and background.

Full Name  Woodrow Randall
Birthdate 1990
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Age 30 years old
Height N/A
Nationality  N/A
Profession A senior administrator, coach
Married Wife Amani Aliyya

Full Name/Birth Name

Woody Randall a.k.a. Woodrow Randall


New Orleans, Louisiana

How old is Woody Randall?

At present, Woody Randall’s age is 30. So, we can assume that he was born in the year 1990. Unfortunately, the exact date of his birthday is still under the wraps which will be revealed soon. 

How tall is Woody Randall?

‘Married at First Sight; star Woody Randall stands at a tall height which might be over five feet. 

Woody Randall Nationality

Since he grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Woody Randall’s nationality might be American. 

Woody Randall Instagram

MAFS star Woody Randall is active on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. He runs his Instagram account under the name (@mrabove) and has more than 3 thousand followers. Woody Randall Instagram bio reads, 

Woodrow Randall
B i g M O V E S #piltcitylifestyle #TeacherVibes #blackeducators #piltcity#lifeisgood❤️ #woodyvision2020 #MMWW @_PilTCitY

Aside from that, Mr. Randall joined Twitter in April 2009. Follow ‘MAFS’ star, Woody Randall on his Twitter account: (@MrAbove). 

Who is Married at First Sight’ Woody Randall? Wiki, Bio

Woody Randall rose to prominence through the reality show ‘Married at First Sight’ eventually becoming a fan-favorite. 

On the show, Mr. Randall and his now-wife Amani had a conversation including sensitive topics. The question was assigned to Amani, “When have you given up on something?”

Married at First Sight pair Amani (right) and Woody (eight)

Photo Credit: popstimeuk.com

Mr. Randall’s face clouded, and he admitted that, after years of trying to make it work, he felt he had finally given up on his relationship with his father.

Amani tentatively questioned if Mr. Woody thought his relationship with his father was about closing himself off. He confessed, 

Initially I felt uneasy,

I felt closed off.

Mr. Randall told Lifetime Producers that when he was nine years old, his father was imprisoned and didn’t return until Woody was 16. Since then the damage to their relationship became irreparable. 


According to his Facebook page, Mr. Randall completed his high school education from Marietta High School. He attended Southwest Mississippi Community College where he studied psychology.

Later, Mr. Randall attended Baylor University where he studied business. He is also a Former Student-athlete. 


‘Married at First Sight’ star Woddy Rendall teaches Maths at Collegiate Academies – Livingston High School. He is also a Coach at Waco High School.

Previously, Mr. Randall taught Mathematics to 7th grade at Success at Thurgood Marshall. 

‘Married at First Sight’

On Married at First Sight Season 11, Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya immediately became a fan-favorite couple. Mr. Randall’s wife works as a nonprofit program coordinator.

The couple chose to stick together on Decision Day, according to @MAFSFan’s spoilers. What’s more, later on, leaked pictures of them together indicated that they were still going strong.


While some fans were worried that Woody wasn’t quite ready to settle down, with his immediate commitment to his wife, Mr. Randall proved the viewers wrong.

‘Married at First Sight’ couple Woody Randall (right) with his wife Amani Aliyya (left) on their wedding day.

Photo Credit: monstersandcritics.com

At their wedding, Amani and Woody had immediate sparks. Since then, with each episode, they have been navigating difficult conversations about their past together and becoming more emotionally intimate.



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