Juan Ciscomani Wife Laura Ciscomani Age, Wikipedia, Instagram, Children

Juan Ciscomani is a popular American politician who represents in United States parliament for Arizona’s 6th congressional district. Juan Ciscomani has further served as an advisor to Doung Ducey, the former governor, and a vice-chairperson of the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

Ciscomani is married to his beautiful wife Laura Ciscomani. The couple together has had a romantic relationship and a successful journey. Laura Ciscomani is the wife of Juan Ciscomani, a prominent figure in the field of international trade and business. Reportedly, Laura Ciscomani was born in Ecuador and currently lives in the United States with her husband.

On deck, get to know more about Juan Ciscomani and his wife Laura Ciscomani, a married couple who have been together for more than a decade. Find out how Laura has supported Juan in his many endeavors and how she continues to be an integral part of their family. Get the details on her Instagram and see her photos with Juan and their children. Finally, learn about Laura‘s estimated net worth and how she has been able to accumulate it.


Laura Ciscomani Quick Facts

Name Laura Ciscomani
Age mid-30s
Birthday mid-1980s
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Relationship Married
Husband Juan Ciscomani
Children 6
Instagram @ciscomanil
Net Worth N/A

Who Is Juan Ciscomani Wife Laura Ciscomani? Wiki, Biography

Juan Ciscomani is a renowned politician in the United States. He has been representing Arizona’s 6th congressional district since 2023. Ciscomani was born on August 31, 1982, in Mexico. Later, his family immigrated to Tucson, Arizona, where he was raised and grew up.

Ciscomani attended Pima Community College at the University of Arizona and graduated. He is the first person from his family to have graduated a college. After graduation, Juan Ciscomani joined the University of Arizona as a program development specialist and worked for a few years there.

In 2008, Ciscomani began his political journey in the Arizona Legislature, however, he was unsuccessful. After that, he worked as a vice president for the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Likewise, he also served on the advisory board of Arizona Civil Rights.

In 2022, he competed in the US House of Representatives as a Republican and won after a narrow defeat against Kristen Engel. Juan Ciscomani currently resides with his wife Laura Ciscomani and his six children in Tucson. His wife Laura also immigrated from Mexico when she was a child.


Laura Ciscomani’s parents were first-generation immigrants who left their home in Mexico to provide Laura with better education and opportunities. Laura Ciscomani completed high school at a local high school in the United States. She graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

After graduation, Laura Ciscomani was selected for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s Public Policy Fellowship program in Washington D.C.  Laura Ciscomani completed her post-graduate education at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management and achieved a degree in public administration. Later, in 2011, Laura Ciscomani joined Pima Community College as a coordinator. Additionally, she also worked privately with non-profit organizations.

How Long Has Juan Ciscomani Been Married To His Wife Laura Ciscomani?

Juan Ciscomani and his wife Laura Ciscomani have been married since 2006. Laura‘s parents immigrated from rural Mexico to the USA in order to provide her with a better education and life. With their support, she went on to graduate from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Laura then furthered her studies by obtaining a Master‘s degree from the University of Arizona in Public Administration. Currently, Laura works as Development Director at Arizona Chamber Foundation. Currently, the couple is the parents of six lovely children and resides in the heart of Tucson, United States.


How Many Children Do They Have?

Laura and Juan Ciscomani have altogether six children. The couple named their children Zoë, Juan David, Kenneth, Lily, Lucas, and Noé.

Juan Ciscomani with his six children
Juan Ciscomani with his six children | Photo Credit: Instagram 

Juan and Laura have been happily married for 15 years and are passionate about faith and family, and their relationship is stronger than ever.


What Does Juan Ciscomani Wife Laura Ciscomani Do Professionally?

Since 2014, Laura Ciscomani has been leading the development efforts and signature events of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of commerce.

Laura had been appointed as the Director of corporate relations and now is promoted to vice president of membership and events.

Laura Ciscomani has been working whole-heartedly for the company for almost 5 years now. She joined the company in January 2014 as per her LinkedIn profile.

How Old Is Laura Ciscomani? Age, Birthday

Born in the mid-80s, Juan Ciscomani wife Laura Ciscomani’s age is in her mid-30s, however, her exact date of birth is yet to be made public. Likewise, her husband Juan age is 40 years old, he was born in the year 1982. 

How Tall Is Laura Ciscomani? Height, Weight

Laura Ciscomani is a beautiful lady with appropriate body measurements. Unfortunately, there is no information on the figures of her height.

What Is Laura Ciscomani Instagram?

Laura Ciscomani’s official Instagram account is @ciscomanil. She has been followed by 509 followers. She has been following around 336 people on Instagram.

How Much Is Laura Ciscomani Net Worth?

Unfortunately, the information on the net worth of Laura Ciscomani as of 2022 is not revealed yet. She has been incredibly successful professionally and is a vice president for a non-profit organization.

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