Johnny May Cash: A Talented Rapper’s Life and Legacy


In this article, we will delve into the life of Johnny May Cash, a renowned rapper, singer, social media star, and celebrity brother. Known for his exceptional songs and albums, Johnny May Cash’s music captivated audiences worldwide. Join us as we explore his journey, his achievements, and the tragedy that cut his life short.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Facts
  2. Johnny May Cash Age & Early Life
  3. Johnny May Cash Height & Weight
  4. Johnny May Cash’s Net Worth
  5. Career
  6. The Untimely Death of Johnny May Cash
  7. Johnny May Cash Girlfriend & Dating

Quick Facts

Fact Details
Full Real Name Tyrone Pittman
Famous Name Johnny May Cash
Net worth USD 3 Million (approx.)
Birthday 17 February 1995
Death Date 17 April 2022
Age (at the time of death) 27 years old
Profession Rapper, media face, and influencer
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Death Cause Murder
Death Place Chicago, Illinois
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Alma Mater Private School in Chicago
Qualification High School Graduate
Sun Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Height (approx.) 5′ 10″
Weight (approx.) 79 kg

Johnny May Cash Age & Early Life

Johnny May Cash, born on February 17, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, was just 27 years old at the time of his untimely death. He grew up in Chicago alongside his brother, Young Chop. During his early education, he attended a public school in their neighborhood and later graduated from a well-known secondary school. Although there is limited information about his educational background, it is evident that Johnny May Cash possessed a talent for music that would catapult him to fame.

Johnny May Cash Height & Weight

Standing at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches, Johnny May Cash commanded attention wherever he went. With a weight of approximately 79 kg, he had a charismatic presence. Johnny May Cash’s charming dark brown eyes and black locks added to his allure. While specific measurements such as chest-waist-hip, dress size, and shoe size are unavailable, there is no denying his magnetic appeal.

Johnny May Cash

Johnny May Cash’s Net Worth

How much was Johnny May Cash worth? The talented rapper enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, living with his family members in a small apartment. He had a taste for branded clothing and expensive equipment. Johnny May Cash’s revenue streams included his music career, which encompassed rapping, singing, promotions, and live concerts, among others. As of July 2023, his net worth was estimated to be around USD 3 million.


Following in the footsteps of his brother Young Chop, Johnny May Cash pursued a career in rap. Collaborating with Chopsquad Records, he produced a diverse collection of albums. Some of his notable works include “I’m My Favorite Rapper,” “Love,” “Related,” “Waverunnaz 7: All the Way Up,” “Gang We Trust,” “Secrets,” “Word on the Street,” “My Last Days,” “Waverunnaz 2: Hurricane Cash,” and many more. His songs consistently topped the charts, resonating with listeners of all ages. Hits like “Fo’ Real,” “30 Clip,” “Dead Again,” “Tattoo,” “RED MOON,” and “Spend My Money” gained immense popularity.

The Untimely Death of Johnny May Cash

Tragedy struck on April 17, 2022, when Johnny May Cash lost his life due to a gunshot wound in his thigh. Reports suggest that a violent argument between Johnny and his girlfriend, Brianna Gibbs, took a tragic turn. Allegedly, Johnny physically assaulted Brianna, prompting her to defend herself with a rifle. She fired multiple shots, resulting in Johnny’s untimely demise. Brianna Gibbs was subsequently arrested and claimed self-defense during court proceedings. The judge set her bond at $100,000.

Johnny May Cash Girlfriend & Dating

Johnny May Cash was in a long-term relationship with Brianna Gibbs. Though the couple kept their romance private, Johnny’s social media posts shed some light on their bond. However, troubling videos emerged online, showing Johnny engaging in physical violence towards Brianna. The public heavily criticized his aggressive actions, further fueling discussions about their relationship dynamics. Despite this, details regarding how they met remain elusive.


Johnny May Cash’s undeniable talent as a rapper, his impressive discography, and his captivating stage presence made him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Tragically, his life was cut short, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire aspiring artists. Johnny May Cash’s story serves as a reminder of the pressures and challenges faced by those in the spotlight. The impact of his music lives on, a testament to his immense talent and enduring influence.

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