Is Singer Calum Hood Dating New Girlfriend Following His Breakup?

Calum Hood wiki, age, girlfriend and net worth details
Calum Hood wiki, age, girlfriend and net worth details

Last Updated On November 20, 2018

Who Is Calum Hood?

Since 2012, Calum Hood started communicating through music professionally. He is one such Aussie lad who is infamous in the current bubblegum pop-rock scene. Is he musically gifted? Arguably some of us might scratch our head on that question.

Well! Calum does vox & plays bass for 5 Seconds of Summer, along with band members Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford.

One inspirational man once said; Life is one grand-sweet song, so start the music. Some of us might dwell into escaping reality by enjoying the contents created by others.

On the other hand, some tend to communicate via innovating flight to the imagination by giving gaieties to life through melodies. Calum Hood writes & sings his songs.

He co-created his boyband on the 3rd of December 2011 & garnered fame in Youtube. Later, in 2012 his band did the opening act for most of One Direction in Take Me Home Tour.

Despite encountering various dialect & cultural barriers; Music is the world’s famous & right there in our face language.

Calum Hood communicates musically with his artistic demeanor.; Which is very warm & eccentric at the same time. He dresses up casually donning cool boots, converse & Skechers with skinny pants & impromptu tops. So far, he has 5.3 million followers on his Instagram & he follows only 195.

He also dropped out of his high school for his musical career. Now, that is a sign of an authentic superstar. Calum Hood sports 13 different tattoos– Horseshoe, native American & feathers and similar.

Read further to know about Calum Hood’s lifestyle, girlfriends,wiki-bio & networth facts.

Calum Hood Girlfriend, Family, And Pets

Calum Hood’s appearance might also confuse people. For his looks appear to be of Asian descent. However, infact, Calum Hood is of Scottish & kiwi-Maori origin. He does not have anything against Asians, but he does not like people calling him one.

Talking about his Family- David Hood is his dad & Joy Koa Hood his mum. Mali koa Hood is Calum’s sister, and he is very attached to her. She is elder to him & is also a renowned Singer, songwriter, stylist & a fashion blogger. She gained fame on the first series of The Voice in 2012 (Aussie version).

Calum Hood with his Mom & sister.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The following saying is one of Calum’s famous quotation.

“Just live right now, and be yourself, it doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else.”

To go through his other quotes. Do check out

This rocker boy had his first kiss at the age of only 13. When talking about his girlfriends- Maddie Harris is his ex-girlfriend but only lasted for 2-3 months. After her, Calum Hood girlfriend became Nia Lovelis. They were last seen together in 2017.

As of now, their social media a/c does not deliver any insights of their private affair. Well! They are young, wild & free. So, no eyeing to that. Nia might still be dating Calum Hood. Whomever his current girl might be; we are sure she isn’t blonde or ginger because Hood prefers brown hair on a girl.

Whatsoever, apart from girls, Hood loves the “man’s best friend” -Dogs a lot.

Calum Hood & Gizmo.
Calum & one of his pet.
Calum’s wistfulness.

Source: Instagram

Recently, on March 5 Calum Hood posted the above content on his Instagram @calumhood with a caption that said-

“Missing my little man”.

And none of Calum Hood dating any girlfriend is shared on his social media posts.

Calum Hood Wiki Bio, Age, Height

Calum Hood attended Norwest Christian College. His middle name is ‘Thomas.’ Calum Hood age is 22 y/o & celebrates his birthday on every January 25. Just like a typical teenager, his favorite food is Pizza & he has no appetite for anything too salty & vinegary.

According to Calum Hood wiki, Hood’s favorite fruit is apple & pineapples. His album reached #1 in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, & #2 in Britain.

He sports 13 different tattoos–  encryptions related to native American, feathers, mom/dad’s initials, horseshoe and similar.

Calum Hood Net Worth 2018

Last year, revealed Calum Hood would pay $1,400,000 for the 2,150 sq.ft house in Hollywood Hills. The property was built in 1959 in a vaguely Traditional style on a 23-acre lot.

Having known such insight- it is evident that his net worth is amongst the supreme. However, to be precise Calum Hood’s net worth is approximately $10 mil according to

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