Is Kyle Sandilands and Girlfriend Imogen Anthony Planning Their Intimate Wedding?

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The radio host Kyle Sandilands talks with his long-suffering friend for the first time. While speaking to his friend Jason ‘Labrat’ Hawkins, Sandilands revealed that he made a bold move by betraying him.

In ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Show,’ Sandilands confessed that he ‘Swooped in’ on ex-wife Tamara Jaber at an event. But he knew that Jason had feelings for her.

The whole thing begins in at a CLEO Bachelor Of The Year Awards ceremony. Sandilands co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson claims that she watched the entire thing happened.

At that time Sandilands entered into the nominations for Bachelor Of The Year followed by Jason to support him.

His co-host said,

“Your best friend was just starting up something with Tamara Jaber.”

Recalling the past, Jackie started,

“He [Jase] came along to support you that night, and it was just horrifying because I was there at the table and he was so into her. Then you just swooped in, and she gave all her attention to you. And then you married her.”

While responding, Sandilands joked,

‘I took it, married it and got rid of it!’

Wondering audibly if Jason still ‘carried a grudge’ over the incident, so he decided to call him on his KIIS 101.1 radio show in Melbourne where he could ask him directly.

Is Kyle Sandilands Married, Who Is Kyle Sandilands Wife Now?

Famous radio host Kyle Sandilands parted his way with his wife a long time ago. And the rumors say that he moved on with his new girlfriend. But who is this girl? Is she someone we already know?

To tell you the truth, Kyle Sandilands, after splitting up with his wife, has a long-time partner since March of the year 2012. She is none other than model Imogen Anthony.

Sandilands and his partner were dating for more than a five years. The pair used to divide their time between a Mosman waterfront mansion and a hobby farm.

Moreover, this year, the radio host expressed his plans propose to his partner Imogen. And she wore a seven-diamond choker from House of K’dor which worth $2.2 million to the ARIAs.

Kyle Sandilands Divorce With First Wife?

Previously, Sandilands married Scandal’us member, Tamara Jaber. Sadly, Kyle Sandilands and first wife Tamara Jaber married life didn’t turn out as expected and the only solution for them was divorce. Kyle Sandilands and ex-wife Tamara Jaber filed for a divorce on 12 July 2010.

Among the several reasons behind their divorce, one claims that the couple separated because of the problems with money, of which Tamara spent a lot with family and friends

Despite the messy split, his ex-wife Tamara don’t feel any regret for being the star’s wife. After just two years when they ended married life, Tamara told the

‘Woman day,’ “I will always love Kyle – we spent ten years together – but I’m not ‘in love’ with him.” “I’ve never regretted marrying Kyle, not in a million years. I know a lot of people might think I do, but I don’t regret it at all”.

In 2017, he rubbished his first marriage saying,

‘I’m calling bulls**t on the whole wedding!’

He continued,

 ‘I lied to the priest because I had to be whatever religion she was, Melkite Catholic, Hezbollah, I just lied and went “I’m that.”

Kyle Sandilands Net Worth 2018

Australian radio host whose age is 46, currently lives in Sydney.  At present, he the co-host of the radio program ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’ alongside Jackie.

According to a source, in an interview, Sandilands revealed about his first million-dollar radio contract. As of 2018, his receives a salary of $4-5 million per year for hosting the KIIS FM breakfast show with his co-host Jackie.

Back in the year 2004, Sandilands hosted the national drive show on the Hit Network from which he earned roughly $255,000.

Furthermore, he discusses his net worth on the KIIS FM radio show along with his co-host Jackie and guest Sophie Monk.

As of 2018 Kyle Sandilands net worth estimation is around $3 million to be exact. Kyle Sandilands net worth figure will surely rise in the day to come with his successful career on the KIIS FM radio show.

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