Inside the Blissful Married Of Dancer Brendan Cole With Wife And Kids! Explore His Wiki Facts And Net Worth Details

Brendan Cole wife Zoe Hobbs
Brendan Cole wife Zoe Hobbs

Brendan Cole is a specialist in Latin American Dancing. Since he is passionate about Ballroom Dancing in particular- He is popularly known as a profound ballroom danseur from New Zealand since 1996.

Cole surfaced on various Television expositions notably- a British show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on the BBC One. There he gained new fame via the show as a professional ballroom figurant. Followed that BBC series- Cole began his journey as a judge on Dancing with the Stars which is the New Zealand adaptation of the British Show. He was judging the show in NZ till 2009 from 2005.

Let’s read some more about Brendan Cole’s personal life, early career, achievements, including his wiki facts and net worth details.


Who is Brendan’s Partner? Is he Married? More On His Family Life.

In 2010 Brendan Cole married a British Model named Zoe Hobbs. Brendan Cole wife is his partner for life. For they share two beautiful, adorable offsprings. Their kids are a daughter- Aurelia & son Danté. Aurelia was born on 25th December 2012, and her brother Danté came into this world recently on 13th March 2018.

Brendan Cole and wife Zoe Hobbs tied the knot in 2010. The family of four are now residing in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire where they own a two bedroom cottage worth £350,000.

Brendan Cole and wife Zoe.
Caption: The cool couple, Brendan Cole and wife Zoe Hobbs in an event together.

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However, in 2008 Brendan Cole tended to get cozy with Lisa Snowdown who was a single lady at that time. His profession had him maneuver many hotties. Nonetheless, no matter how many girlfriends Cole encountered- Zoe became his first choice as a life partner. They are still rocking the media as one hot-duo everywhere they go.
Apart from his Dance manifestation, Brendan also engages with a national charity based in the UK called Act Against Bullying.

Brendan Cole Early Life & Career.

Brendan Cole early life also had Dance within him. He began dancing since he was six y/o. Earlier on it was just a thing of interest. At the age of 17, Brendan left his school studies. Later when he was 18, Cole began to take dancing as an ambition. He shifted to the UK and started his journey by undertaking pasodoble, ballroom & ballet courses at Donaheys Dance School.

Fortunately, his art of dance got recognition through numerous tours, theatrical plays & shows. Since then Brendan Cole career took its meta form- he is renowned as an efficient ballroom dancer. Simultaneously, Brendan career took an optimistic turn when he featured in the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest & other significant BBC singing competition where he garnered the 2nd place.

Talking about his achievements- Brendan Cole is an Asian Pacific & New Zealand Latin American Champ. In his career, Cole displayed his talent in all six series of Strictly Come Dancing show. In the first series- Cole took the first position.

Brendan Cole Wiki Facts

Brendan Cole was born on 23 April 1976 in Christchurch, New Zealand. But he shifted to England during his late teens. Brendan Cole nationality is of New Zealand and his ethnicity is White. His birthday is on 23 April and currently, he is 41 y/o.  Brendan Cole height is 5.11 in feet and his weight is anonymous. Apparently, Brendan Cole lives in the county town of England with his wife and two adorable offsprings.

As of now, Brendan Cole net worth is believed to be £357,000 & made a post-tax profit of £71,000 claims Celebrity Net Worth.

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