Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates

The puzzles, challenges, and boss fights in the mesmerizing world of Inazuma are anything but simple, and the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain is no exception. This mysterious Domain only reveals itself once you’ve successfully navigated a series of tricky puzzles. Once you find your way through a peculiar house with movable walls, gathering hidden Amulets along the way, you will face the wrath of ill-tempered Samurai in the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain. But that’s not even the challenging part! The true test lies in actually locating this elusive Domain, as its entrance is cunningly hidden beneath Narukami Island, deep within a vast underwater area.

Requirements for Accessing the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

Before you embark on a futile search for the entrance to this submerged Domain, it’s crucial to reach a certain point in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline. To begin this questline, embark on the captivating “A Strange Story in Konda” World Quest. Once you complete it, continue your journey with the follow-up World Quest called “Sacrificial Offering.” During this quest, you will obtain the powerful Memento Lens, which unlocks the entrance to the Narukami underwater area. Within this realm, you will discover one of the shrines you need to purify as part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

Entrance to the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

Navigating the Underwater Area to Unlock the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

Now equipped with the Memento Lens, make your way to the enchanting Araumi region, located north of Narukami Island. Activate the four Electro mechanisms that surround the ancient stone tower and the majestic tree. Among the four mechanisms, three are activated simply by utilizing an Electro attack on them. However, one mechanism is surrounded by perplexing Electro squares that must be maneuvered in the correct order. Harness your perseverance and intellect to solve this Araumi electro puzzle, ultimately activating the mechanism.

Next, venture inside the ruins of the stone tower and utilize the Memento Lens on the adorable Earth Kitsune statues found within. Following this, pull the three switches to unveil the hidden passage below you. Once you enter the cave, you will discover the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual location directly in front of you, with the pathway to the rest of the underwater area, including the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain, on your left.

Path to the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

Crack the Entry Puzzles of the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

As you progress further into the cave, you will encounter vast stretches filled with water. Eliminate this aquatic obstacle by skillfully solving yet another Electro square puzzle (feel free to refer to a guide if you require assistance). Once the water has receded, take a courageous leap into the depths and swim through the tunnel, ascending the stairs that await you. Here, you will encounter the third and final Electro square puzzle, which unlocks the entrance to the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain.

Finally, open the circular door and proceed through the lower round door in the subsequent room, situated on your left. Continue along the path, defeating mechanical enemies as you go. While a formidable foe, the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss lurks in a hall below you. However, it’s advisable to stick to the upper floor, veering right to encounter the entry puzzles of the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain.

The final puzzles before reaching the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates are relatively straightforward. Simply step on each tile once, ensuring your final step lands on the tile enveloped in a mesmerizing blue haze. To conquer both puzzles, walk in a circular pattern, starting from the outer ring and progressing towards the inner ring, until you’ve successfully completed the sequence.

Solving the Entry Puzzles

The Ultimate Team Composition for the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

Within the depths of the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain, you will face no more than two formidable opponents: an Electro Samurai and a Pyro Samurai. If you possess powerful Electro and Pyro characters, feel free to utilize their abilities. However, an even more advantageous choice would be to employ Cryo and Anemo characters. If you’re fortunate enough to possess two Cryo characters, their Elemental Resonance buff will significantly enhance your chances of success. When venturing into the Domain, it is crucial to bring along your most skilled healer or shielder, as these battles demand utmost caution and strategic planning.

The Perfect Team Formation

Mastering the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

Navigating the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain swiftly and efficiently requires a well-devised plan. Begin by gracefully gliding down into the Domain. To your left, open the wooden wall and obtain the alluring purple Electro Amulet. Proceed in the opposite direction until you face what appears to be a dead end, and then open the wall on your right. Behind the planks on your left awaits a hidden treasure, the second Electro Amulet.

Retrace your steps until you can go no further, as a new dead end presents itself behind you. Open the wooden wall to your right, and subsequently the one in front of you. Behold, a grand Electro door stands before you, its magnitude only surpassed by its complexity. This door can only be unlocked using the Electro Amulets. The first two Amulets will effortlessly attach themselves to the door. Turn back, veer left, and open the wall that conceals the final Electro Amulet.

Unlocking the colossal Electro door marks the commencement of the final stage within the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain, culminating in an intense boss battle. It is important to tackle the Electro Samurai first, as the Pyro Samurai enters the fray later. Reserve your most impactful Elemental Burst attacks to swiftly dispatch the Electro Samurai once the Pyro Samurai appears. Pay close attention to your adversaries’ attack patterns, particularly their dash and jump maneuvers, as these can be easily evaded using your sprinting abilities.

With the completion of the Inazuma Domain “Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates,” it’s time to embark on the quest for a Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact. Utilize the shiny new key you have acquired to unlock the bountiful treasures that await you within!