How to Add Some Flair to Your Texting Game

Are you ready to take your texting skills up a notch? Imagine the thrill of receiving a flirty message from that special someone, the butterflies in your stomach, and that irresistible smile on your face. Flirting plays a vital role in any relationship, no matter how small or new it may be. So, if you want to spice things up with your significant other or even someone you’re just getting to know, we’ve got you covered.

Below, you’ll find a list of 150 different text messages that are guaranteed to add some sizzle to your texting game. Whether you’re feeling sweet, looking to dial up the romance, wanting to get a little naughty, or simply aiming to make him smile like an idiot, we’ve got the perfect texts for every scenario.

Cute & Playful Messages to Set the Mood

We understand that timing is everything when it comes to sending the right message. The wrong text at the wrong time can quickly put a damper on the flame. To make things easier for you, we’ve organized our list into different categories based on the desired effect:

When You’re Feeling Sweet…

  • “My new favorite thing is making you smile. Did I succeed just now by texting you?” Woman Surprised
  • “I’ve discovered this amazing restaurant that I think you’ll love. Want to go there with me soon?”
  • “If you were a fish, what bait would I need to reel you in?”
  • “You’re looking gorgeous today, even though I can’t see you right now.”
  • “Can I share a secret with you? I think I like you.”
  • “All my friends are jealous that I have such an awesome guy like you.”
  • “Every time I close my eyes, I see your handsome face.”
  • “Seeing your name pop up on my screen always brightens my day.”
  • “If someone asked me to describe the man of my dreams, I’d just show them a picture of you.”
  • “I can’t wait for our next date!”
  • “I’d ask to borrow one of your sweatshirts, but you look so much cuter in them than I do.”
  • “How are you so stinkin’ adorable?”
  • “Having you in my life makes me incredibly happy.”
  • “Has anyone told you how amazing you are today?”
  • “Waking up in the morning becomes so much easier when I know I get to talk to you.”
  • “The more I get to know you, the more I understand why people write love songs.”
  • “You’re constantly on my mind!”

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Dial Up the Romance

  • “They say out of sight, out of mind, but I know that’s not true because I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “I’m dying to kiss you right now. Can you feel it too?”
  • “I miss the sound of your voice. Will you call me soon?”
  • “I don’t need a fortune teller to know that we’re meant to be.”
  • “If I had to choose between you and chocolate, I might actually be tempted to pick you every time. That’s how much I like you.”
  • “I remember the first time I saw you; I practically had to pick my jaw up off the floor.”
  • “You found your way into my heart without me even giving you the key.”
  • “If I were a superhero, your eyes would be my secret weakness.”
  • “You’re the reason I fall asleep with a smile on my face.”
  • “My heart beats so fast whenever I see you.”
  • “Is it normal that everything reminds me of you?”
  • “I’m nominating you for the world’s best boyfriend/husband award.”
  • “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  • “I hope you think about me as much as I think about you!”
  • “I want to be the reason you smile every time you look at your phone.”
  • “Every moment we spend together is precious to me.”
  • “You always know just what to say to make me feel better.”
  • “You make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.”
  • “You’re teaching me what love truly feels like.”
  • “Right now, I’d rather be in your arms than at work.”
  • “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else before.”
  • “Meeting you felt like a miracle.”
  • “If I had one wish, I’d wish to snuggle with you right now.”
  • “Every day, I look forward to getting to know you better.”

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Flirty Messages to Turn Up the Heat

  • “The best thing about being home alone is being able to walk around naked…”
  • “I’m about to jump in the shower. Just thought I’d give you something fun to think about.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about how much fun we had last night.”
  • “There’s a spot in my bed with your name on it.”
  • “I love how my pillow smells like you after you spend the night.”
  • “I’d get some new lingerie to show you, but I’m not sure how long it would stay on me.”
  • “Planning on taking a shower tonight. Care to join me?”
  • “Let’s work out together… and no, I don’t mean going to the gym.”
  • “My bed feels so empty without you.”
  • “How do you know exactly how to turn me on?”
  • “It’s official: I’m all alone at home right now. Could really use some company…”

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Irresistible Invitations

  • “I’m all alone at home right now. I could really use some company…”
  • “You can come over later, but there’s one condition: you have to cuddle with me.”
  • “Looks like my weekend is wide open. I need something or someone to fill it.”
  • “How about we stop texting and hang out instead?”
  • “I’m thinking about binge-watching a series this weekend, want to join me?”
  • “It’s cold outside. Let’s warm each other up.”
  • “Oops! I made too much food for dinner. Want to come over and help me finish it?”
  • “Lunch is sorted. Now I just need someone cute to enjoy it with…”
  • “This conversation would be much better if we had it in person…”
  • “It’s been too long since I last saw you. Let’s fix that.”
  • “If you don’t have any lunch plans, I’d love to take you out.”
  • “My dog/cat misses you. I think you need to come over soon.”
  • “What’s your favorite dinner dish? I’d love to make it for you sometime.”
  • “Does it feel like a wine night to you? Let’s share a bottle later.”
  • “Up for a spontaneous date tonight?”
  • “I have plenty of open spaces in my schedule. Let’s fill them up together.”
  • “Hmm… Someone could use a massage. Come over, and maybe I can arrange one for you.”
  • “I bought a cute new swimsuit today. Can I model it for you later?”
  • “I have a surprise for you tonight, but you won’t find out until you come over.”
  • “I’ve got some amazing plans for us tonight…”

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Messages to Make Him Smile

  • “I think we should call in sick tomorrow and spend the day together.”
  • “You’re such a fine snack; I get hungry just by looking at pictures of you.”
  • “Are you missing me yet?” Woman Surprised
  • “I keep getting distracted at work because I can’t stop daydreaming about you!”
  • “I was going to play it cool and wait to text you, but I just can’t resist.”
  • “There’s only one thing I don’t like about you: you’re not here with me.”
  • “I just got an outfit that I know you’ll love. Want to see?”
  • “Being as cute as you are should be considered an unfair advantage.”
  • “You know what I’m craving right now? You.”
  • “If you had to pick a song to describe me, which one would you choose?”
  • “I don’t have any clever pickup lines for you today. Just wanted to say hi.” Woman Surprised
  • “I think it’s so cute when you blush. I’m going to have to make you blush more often.”
  • “I seem to have a problem: I can’t get you out of my head today.”
  • “Random question: How do you feel when women make the first move?”
  • “I don’t have any plans this weekend, and I noticed you don’t either. Let’s change that.”
  • “Hint: I may or may not be waiting for you to make a move on me.”
  • “How are you still single?”
  • “You’re not being a stranger, are you?”
  • “What’s cheesier than a cheese pizza? The way I feel about you.”
  • “Let’s start the day off with some good news: you’re still as sexy as always.”
  • “I can’t stop checking out your social media…”
  • “You know how they say ‘X’ marks the spot? Well, I just marked an ‘X’ on my heart. Come get it!”
  • “Cuteness overload: you, puppies, and kittens. But you’re easily at the top.”
  • “Here’s a secret: you’re always on my mind.”
  • “I always have a blast when I’m with you.”
  • “Tell me, what do you wish I were wearing right now?”
  • “You seem to get sexier every single day. What’s your secret?”

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A Final Flirty Touch

  • “I normally don’t like people, but I’m willing to make an exception for you.”
  • “Is it possible to be addicted to a cute person? Asking for a friend.”
  • “I’m using the last 4% of my phone battery to text you. That’s how special you are.”
  • “If you were a book in the library, I’d definitely check you out.”
  • “If you don’t leave my head soon, I might have to start charging you rent.”
  • “Talking to you should count as cardio because you make my heart race.”
  • “Where have you been all my life?”
  • “Mind if I save your name in my phone as ‘sexy’?”
  • “My expert diagnosis: you’re sexy, and it’s a lifelong condition.”
  • “I wanted to mail you something cute, but sadly, I don’t fit in your mailbox.”
  • “I’m counting down the hours until our next date.”
  • “You’re like the missing puzzle piece that completes my life.”
  • “I heard a song today that reminded me of you. send him a link to the song
  • “My cheeks are getting a great workout from all the smiles you put on my face.”
  • “Curious about what I’m wearing right now?”
  • “Let’s go on an adventure together this weekend.”
  • “What’s on your mind right now?”
  • “Tell me your favorite outfit on me, so I can surprise you with it next time.”
  • “I have this strange feeling right now. I’m dreaming about you even though I’m wide awake.”
  • “Me? Flirting with you? Why would you think that?” Woman Surprised
  • “Just so you know, I’m totally hitting on you right now.”

Remember, every man is unique, so these texts may not resonate with everyone. For more tips on how to text a guy and make an impact, check out our other post here!

Tips for Keeping the Flame Alive

Now that you have an impressive arsenal of flirty texts, it’s essential to know how to keep the sparks flying in your relationship. Here are a few tips to shake up the routine and maintain the excitement:

Keep Him on His Toes

One surefire way to spice things up is by avoiding a monotonous routine. Surprise him occasionally, whether it’s by remembering a random shared memory or getting him something unexpected. Embrace variety to break out of your comfort zone and keep things fresh.

Shower Him with Compliments

Men may not always voice it, but they absolutely love hearing compliments. Make him feel special by acknowledging when he looks good or does something impressive. Small gestures like this can uplift his spirits and boost his confidence.

Take the Initiative

While it’s important to let the man take the lead sometimes, surprise him by making plans yourself. Instead of waiting for him to arrange a romantic date night, why not create one yourself? Arrange a fantastic evening based on his preferences and surprise him with your thoughtfulness.

Spoil Him

Spoiling your partner doesn’t have to break the bank. Show your love and care by pampering him now and then. It could be as simple as giving him a shoulder rub or ordering his favorite pizza and watching a movie together. These gestures remind him that he can lean on you and deepen the bond between you two.

Seek His Opinion

If you’re unsure about what he wants, don’t hesitate to ask him directly. Men appreciate it when their opinions are valued. Ask him about his ideal date or what he thinks suits you best. Involving him in decision-making shows that you care about his thoughts and desires.


With this extensive list of flirty texts and a few extra tips, you’re well-equipped to keep your relationship sizzling. Remember to personalize these messages to suit your unique dynamic and have fun with it. Happy texting!

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