How to Craft Hardened Steel in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles How to Make Hardened Steel

Hardened steel is a crucial component in Conan Exiles that plays a vital role in upgrading your weapons, armor, and workstations. However, obtaining large quantities of hardened steel can be a challenging task. In this guide, I will show you the exact steps to craft massive amounts of hardened steel to fulfill all your survival needs.

How to Craft Hardened Steel in Conan Exiles

What is Hardened Steel?

Hardened steel is a reinforced ingot of steel that is made stronger and more versatile than regular steel by adding extra materials. It is a high-grade ingredient used for crafting high-level armors, powerful weapons, and efficient tools. Each bar of hardened steel can be stacked up to 200 units and has a base weight of 0.13, making it reasonably portable in small quantities.

What does it do?

Hardened steel serves as a necessary stepping stone between steel and star metal. It is used to craft various items, including epic quality armors, Acheronian weapons, and high-yield tools. Hardened steel weapons and tools are valuable for increasing your damage output in combat and enhancing your resource yield when gathering materials like wood, stone, and bark.

Moreover, hardened steel is used to create adjustment and repair kits on the Tinkerer’s Bench, as well as preservation boxes to keep your perishable resources fresh. Additionally, it is required to construct end-game crafting stations that provide a significant speed boost or reduce resource costs, depending on your chosen bench.

Where do I get it?

To craft hardened steel bars, you will need two primary resources. The first is regular steel bars. If you are unfamiliar with the steel crafting process, I will explain the best way to obtain it shortly. The second resource is black ice, a relatively scarce material typically found in hard-to-reach locations. In the furnace, you will need a 1:1 ratio of steel bars and black ice to craft each hardened steel bar.

Black Ice

Black ice nodes can be easily distinguished from regular ice deposits. They have a darker color throughout the ice, making them easily recognizable. Harvesting black ice with a pick will yield slightly more resources compared to using a pickaxe or hatchet. However, the difference is minimal, especially if you only have a steel hatchet available. Additionally, while gathering black ice, you will also obtain small quantities of regular ice, which can be useful for preserving food or exploring the volcano.

Conan Exiles How to Make Hardened Steel

Black Ice – Exiled Lands

In the Exiled Lands, black ice nodes are abundant in the Frozen North. You can find plenty of nodes scattered around the region, with some being easily accessible, while others require venturing into hazardous locations. For a safer farming spot, I recommend heading to the northeast of the obelisk, between the Frozen Slopes and the Temple of Frost. This area has several nodes that can provide you with a decent amount of black ice.

Black Ice – Isle of Siptah

Finding black ice on the Isle of Siptah can be more challenging due to the lack of a snow biome. However, there are smaller clusters of black ice scattered across the map. The highest concentration of nodes can be found in the center of the island, surrounding the tall tower. Be cautious in this area, as it is often filled with dangerous enemies, especially during the active Maelstrom. Another spot worth exploring is located on the northeastern island in Map Square N12, where you can find black ice deposits on the rocky outcrops near the waterfall.


If you are unfamiliar with the steel crafting process, it is relatively easy to acquire. Steel bars are created by smelting iron bars together with steelfire. The ratio for smelting is 5:1, meaning you will need 5 iron bars and 1 steelfire to create 1 steel bar. The Firebowl Cauldron feat, available at Level 15, is required to create steel bars. Iron bars can be obtained by smelting ironstone in a furnace. If you are struggling to gather enough resources for steelfire, I recommend referring to a guide on how to make it.

Crafting Benches

Different crafting benches in Conan Exiles offer various outcomes in terms of crafting times and resource ratios. When it comes to crafting hardened steel, the decision becomes easier since it is crafted at a fixed 1:1 ratio. Therefore, the choice of crafting bench depends on your preference for reducing resource costs or increasing crafting speed. Below is a list of furnaces and their corresponding hardened steel crafting times:


  • Furnace (-15 seconds per bar)
  • Improved Furnace (-15 seconds per bar)


  • Improved Furnace (Kiln) (-10.5 seconds per bar)
  • Fuel-Efficient Furnace (-10.5 seconds per bar)


  • Heat-Efficient Furnace (-3 seconds per bar)

Conan Exiles How to Make Hardened Steel

If you aim to produce large quantities of hardened steel in a short amount of time and have ample resources, the Heat-Efficient Furnace is the ideal choice. However, this scenario is not common for most players. If you are progressing through the game or simply need additional hardened steel later on, consider your other crafting requirements when selecting a furnace. The Fuel-Efficient Furnace can save you time and resources in the long run by conserving fuel, while the Heat-Efficient Furnace prioritizes smelting speed. Choose according to your specific needs and available resources.


Hardened steel is a crucial resource in Conan Exiles, serving as a stepping stone between steel and star metal. By mastering the process of crafting hardened steel, you gain access to powerful armors, weapons, and workbenches. While obtaining steel is straightforward, securing a steady supply of black ice can be challenging. However, with this guide, you can establish a sustainable source of black ice and ensure a constant supply of hardened steel. This will make your transition to star metal easier and enable you to acquire even more formidable weapons, tools, and armors.

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