Joining the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4: A Step-by-Step Guide


You’ve managed to acquire the legendary power armor in Fallout 4, but to truly become a part of the elite Brotherhood of Steel, there are a few more steps you need to take. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re playing the original Fallout 4 or the thrilling VR version, this guide will help you join the Brotherhood of Steel and unlock a world of power and protection.

Getting Started

The Brotherhood of Steel is the most renowned faction in the Fallout universe. Donning their impenetrable Power Armor, they roam the Commonwealth, fighting for justice and safeguarding its inhabitants. Joining their ranks not only grants you the privilege of association, but also rewards you with a customized laser rifle that packs a punch.

To start your journey, ensure that you have initiated “The First Step” quest, which will mark the location of the “Corvega Assembly Plant” on your map. At this point, it is not necessary to complete the quest. Head towards the plant and begin circling the building. Keep an eye out for the “Military Frequency AF95” radio signal, which you will pick up around this area. If you haven’t started “The First Step” yet, simply locate this spot on your world map.

Answering the Call

As you tune in to the distress call pleading for assistance, the “Cambridge Police Station” will be added to your map. This signals the beginning of the “Fire Support” quest. Journey to the location and you’ll encounter Brother Danse, valiantly battling a horde of ghouls and a formidable super mutant. Lend him a hand (there’s some spare ammo lying around if you need it), and once the skirmish is over, have a conversation with him.

This interaction triggers the “Call To Arms” quest, the completion of which will earn you an invitation to join the Brotherhood of Steel. Enter the police station and take advantage of the opportunity to gather supplies and scavenge for loot. Don’t forget to explore the Motor Pool area for some additional ammunition. If you’re inclined, you can read Danse’s diary on the nearby computer. When you’re ready, engage in a dialogue with Danse to progress.

Acquiring the Deep Range Transmitter

Your next objective is to obtain the Deep Range Transmitter from “ArcJet Systems”. Thankfully, Danse knows the way, so follow him out of the police station and along the shoreline. Along the journey, Danse will share his personal story, making the trek feel more engaging and immersive. Be prepared for a few encounters with ghouls before ultimately reaching your destination.

Once you arrive at ArcJet Systems, take a moment to survey your surroundings. Prepare yourself by equipping a reliable weapon before opening the twin doors. As they swing open, you and Danse will be greeted by a swarm of synths. These synthetic humans may not be the most formidable opponents individually, but their sheer numbers can quickly overwhelm you. Stay focused and don’t get too overconfident.

Battling Through ArcJet Systems

The advantage lies in the fact that even if you haven’t developed the toughest character yet, Brother Danse is an absolute powerhouse. He’ll take care of a significant portion of the fighting, allowing you to concentrate on surviving and contributing where you can. Together, navigate deeper into the building, encountering waves of synths along the way. Keep pushing forward until you reach the lower levels, where you’ll need to fix the elevator.

As you make your way to the bottom, remember to collect the fusion core that can be found in this area. It’s a valuable resource, so don’t overlook it before proceeding to crack the computer terminal and restore power. The moment the lights come back on, a horde of synths will descend upon the main room. While Danse bravely holds his ground to face them head-on, you’ll fare better by using the corridor as cover and launching attacks from the relative safety of the corner. The laser fire within the main room poses a significant threat, so exercise caution, as there’s no shortage of enemies.

Claiming Victory and Joining the Brotherhood

Once you’ve successfully eliminated all the hostiles, take the elevator up to the control room. Deal with any remaining synths, and search their bodies for the Deep Range Transmitter. Proceed to the next elevator, which will transport you outside. Engage in a final conversation with Danse to complete the objective. At this point, he will reward you with a special modified laser rifle called the Righteous Authority.

Danse will extend an invitation to join the esteemed Brotherhood of Steel, starting the “Semper Invicta” quest. Accept this invitation, and agree to meet him back at the Cambridge Police Station. Congratulations! You have officially become a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a prestigious organization dedicated to preserving peace and order in the wasteland.

Image: Power Armor


By following this comprehensive guide, you have successfully joined the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4. Embrace your new role as a defender of justice and wield your powerful laser rifle with pride. The Commonwealth is now counting on you to make a difference. Good luck, and may the Brotherhood’s principles guide you on your adventures in the wasteland.

Image: Brotherhood of Steel Emblem

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