Gut Health And Parasites

As we approach a world that is moving forward living with these new circumstances, general health has been something on the minds of many across the globe. Making better health decisions is now a necessity rather than an afterthought. Experts now believe up to a quarter of the world’s population is infected with some sort of gut parasite. As a result, people are finding themselves curious to learn about different conditions, diseases, and, the topic of this piece, parasites that exist and can be prepared for and prevented.

One of the most important things to consider when taking preventative steps when it comes to parasitic infections is gut health. The health of the gut does much more than help us feel better day to day, it can protect and prevent a person from falling victim to various parasites. Our guts are an ecosystem in and of themselves of different bacteria, proteins, and other microorganisms. This micro biome changes based on what you ingest day to day so when it comes to organisms in your gut, in a very literal sense, you are what you eat.

So what kinds of parasites are out there that threaten us and what kinds of things should we eat or ingest to help protect ourselves against them? Well one for the most important things we do to protect against parasites and other invasive microscopic species is something we all do every day without a thought. Properly cook our food. It seems basic, but making sure your food is properly cooked will not only ensure that it is delicious, but also will kill any parasites or bacteria inside what you are about to eat. Gastro-intestinal parasites are statistically more common in less developed areas of the world where preparation isn’t as strict and regulations for handling food are either lax or non-existent so always cook your food properly. But beyond the simple heating of food, there are other ways to protect against invasive gut parasites.

There are several ingredients that can be commonly found in supplements that actively fight existing parasites as well as prevent against certain types of parasitic infection. For example, Black Walnut is a commonly used, anti-fungal ingredient that can kill the common parasitic Candida fungus that causes yeast infections. Another well known ingredient for fighting parasites is Wormwood which has been shown via studies and practice to eliminate intestinal parasites such as pinworms and roundworms. The well known herb of Cloves is also commonly used to treat and eliminate almost all parasites through an oil it contains called eugenol which has been found to dissolve the eggs of almost all known human parasites. These herbs together are called a wormwood complex which is a potent parasite body cleanse supplement. We recommend Zuma Nutrition’s formula because it is therapeutically extracted and uses wild crafted ingredients.

Supplementing a healthy diet with active ingredients to treat and prevent parasites is a tried and true method of protecting oneself. In a new medical landscape where caution is becoming a norm rather than an extreme, it is all too important to ensure that we, and those around us, prepare ourselves, and our amazing bodily ecosystems, for anything that can be thrown at it. With parasitic infection continuing to be one of the most common afflictions across the planet, you can never be too ready. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay parasite free.

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