Grant Crapp ‘Love Island’ Hunk Rumored To Be Engaged, Who Is Grant Crapp Partner?

Grant Crapp wiki, age, girlfriend, net worth updates
Grant Crapp wiki, age, girlfriend, net worth updates

In 27th May 2018, an Australian version of British dating reality show ‘Love Island’ hit the TV screens via 9GO & 9Now. The protocol is- several participants are kept under supervision in a villa situated at Mallorca, Spain.

They are supposed to pick a pair for themselves in order to advance further in the competition. The trend of re-coupling or couple swap is also okay with the format of the reality series.

Love Island contestants prime reason to pair up with a stranger is just for the sake of surviving the competition. However, some lucky individual end up walking home with their significant other for life. The ones who’re able to survive till the end is likely to win an amount of $100K.

The final winner is chosen on the basis of the majority of public votes. Grant was one of the participants in the show. Ere to that he was a single lad in search of development in career prospect as well as love life.

In an interview, when asked about what is that he’s looking for in a life partner? Grant replied-

“I’m looking for tall, dark hair, blue eyes. Has to have a few curves, I love curves in girls… makes me tickle inside! Just a genuine girl, down-to-earth, positive in life and doesn’t care what anyone else says or thinks. I’m in the middle for personality and looks.”

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Love Island Controversial Pair, Grant Crapp & Cassidy McGill

Grant Crapp partnered with 23 y/o Cassidy McGill on the first day of the reality show. However, on the seventh day- 21 y/o Tayla Damir replaced Cassidy and moved on until day 15. Nonetheless, Tayla & Grant-maintained their committed status during a re-couple episode too.

Grant Crapp & Tayla Damir

Photo Credit: Instagram

Grant Crapp & partner Tayla Damir became the controversial ones– for he ditched Cassidy for her. After just dating for a week Tayla & Grant also announced their engagement plans on Wednesday’s epi.

In 7th June this year, an article surfaced related to that. Do check out to get more insight on that. Grant also posted the following snap @grant_crapp with a caption that read:

New couple alert. Is this lust or love? Only time will tell. 💑

Grant Crapp being kissed by his Love Island partner.

Despite all the lovey-dovey confessions of both these young hearts; Tayla’s parents are not in approval of Grant Crapp. In 11th June an article surfaced revealing on the similar context. In spite of being aware of Tayla’s family’s point of view, their relationship as of today is blossoming perfectly.

We wish both the best of luck to survive & sustain their bond in reality as well.

Grant Crapp Wiki Facts

Apparently 22-year-old, Grant Crapp hails from Canberra, Australia. Grant Crapp is an electrician by profession. Well, Grant Crapp is young, handsome, talented & charming. As a result, his dad thinks Grant is too young to settle down as of now.

There’s no wrong in expecting a weightful career beforehand setting up a fam though; such might be the parental instinct from a father.

There’s still a long way for Grant to reach the percentile of top celebrity earners. It appears that becoming an islander in Channel 9 Network TV stint is his debut in the entertainment industry. Therefore, the net worth of Grant is still unclear & under review. No article related to his properties/ businesses has upsurged so far.

When asked about what makes him stand out from other love island participants. Grant Crapp’s feedback was-

‘I am a bit cheeky. I’m a cheeky bugger. The camera doesn’t really shy me away from anything — if it’s gonna go further in a relationship, I’m happy to go as far as it can go on camera. That doesn’t really bother me at all.’


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