Ginny Cha: A Deep Dive into Tiki Barber’s Former Spouse


Ginny Cha, also known as Virginia Joy Cha, is not just an ordinary fashion publicist and media personality. She gained significant attention through her marriage to the renowned former footballer, Atiim Kiambu ‘Tiki’ Barber. As a skilled running back, Barber dedicated ten seasons to the National Football League’s New York Giants. In this article, we will explore the intriguing details of Ginny Cha’s life, from her age and biography to her post-divorce endeavors.

Ginny Cha Age & Biography

Early Life and Heritage

Virginia ‘Ginny’ Cha was born on April 7, 1975, in the United States of America. Raised by her Korean-Vietnamese parents, Won Cha and Nga Cha, she grew up alongside her older sister, Myong Cha. With her Asian ancestry and American nationality, Ginny Cha’s upbringing shaped her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Education and Meeting Tiki Barber

While attending Siegel High School, Ginny Cha displayed her dedication to education. After graduating, she enrolled at the University of Virginia, where her path intertwined with that of her future husband, Tiki Barber. Fate brought them together in a computer science class, laying the groundwork for their captivating journey.

Barber’s Infidelity and Cha’s Ordeal

A Heartbreaking Betrayal

Imagine the emotional turmoil Ginny Cha experienced when she discovered her loyal husband’s infidelity during her pregnancy. Tiki Barber’s affair with his assistant shattered Ginny’s world, leaving her in a state of shock and despair.

The Twin Deliverance

After uncovering the truth, Ginny barred Tiki Barber from the delivery room. As she brought their twin daughters, Riley and Ella, into the world on May 24, 2010, Tiki was forced to wait outside, separated from the joyous moment he had tarnished with his actions.

Ginny Cha’s Current Marital Status

A Private Life Post Divorce

Following the tumultuous divorce from the former Giants star, Ginny Cha intentionally retreated from the public eye, seeking solace in a quiet and private existence. While details about her second husband remain undisclosed, her Instagram profile, @gjcha, hints at her marital status through pictures featuring her and a man. Presently known as Ginny Cha Hoffman, she has embarked on a new chapter away from the spotlight.

Calling into Question Ginny Cha’s Net Worth

An Elusive Fortune

Ginny Cha’s exact net worth remains a mystery, as her current occupation is undisclosed. However, her previous work as a publicist for Zegna undoubtedly allowed her to lead a financially comfortable life. Speculative tabloids estimate her net worth at approximately $500 thousand in 2022.


Discovering the captivating details of Ginny Cha’s life sheds light on the challenges she faced as the former spouse of Tiki Barber. From enduring her husband’s betrayal during her pregnancy to embracing a newfound privacy post-divorce, Ginny Cha’s story captures the resilience and strength within. The legacy she has created extends far beyond the realm of football, leaving us intrigued by her journey of personal growth and transformation.

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