Getting Smarter (And More Stylish) About Storage

Home storage solutions are sexy” – said absolutely no one ever. Shelving and box storage don’t exactly inspire images of red wine, fireplaces, and plush rugs. When we think about home decor and how to reinvigorate our living spaces, home storage is probably last on the list – if it cracks the top ten at all.

But as with most things in life that inspire less of an epic story than their way sexier counterparts in kitchen work surfaces do, for example, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some smart thinking and creative positioning, your home storage can be turned into functional artwork that looks great, increases the livability of your spaces, and serves a very important function besides.


Installing shelving along the perimeters of your bedroom and living room walls (especially in smaller spaces and apartments) will give the space and edgy and retro feel and look, and will keep your most prized possessions out of reach of sticky little hands too. If you add in a different color to your shelf, you can increase depth and feelings of space to the area as well.


That may seem like the most redundant words you’ve ever heard, but vinyl records are making it back into homes all over the world, all over again as music lovers seek a more authentic sound experience and a vintage look to their decor in living or music rooms. This means, you’ll need some sexy storage for those ‘pieces’ of vinyl besides, so visit Tylko for the best vinyl storage options around.


Be honest – are you two more deliveries away from your own segment on ‘Hoarders, buried alive?’ It is a slippery slope folk so ensure that you thin out your collections regularly there are always homes that will love your pre-loved items and Goodwill is always looking for new items to donate to homes and families that need them the most. But for all of those items that you absolutely cannot give away, you’ll want some great ideas for wardrobes that will ensure you get to indulge your inner hoarder – while still looking really stylish in the meantime.


A bathroom should never just be a space where you hop in and out of a shower and then be done with life. It is a space that should be thought of as a sanctuary, and box shelves under free-standing baths, corner units that double as surfaces for scented candles, and perimeter shelving for towels and other bathroom linens and accessories will create a look that is luxurious and effortlessly cool besides. Get some more fabulous ideas, here.

How you bring this all together is entirely up to you, but remember to invest some time and thought into how you place shelves, boxes, trunks, or perimeter shelves. Spatial reasoning matters and if you don’t have sufficient spacing between perimeter shelving and your ceiling (or floor for that matter), the effect will be destroyed by making the overall space seem smaller.

Remember the most important ingredient – your personality and your lifestyle.

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