Get better coverage with a TP-Link WiFi extender on sale for under $15

SAVE 57%: The TP-Link WiFi extender is down to $14.99 with an on-page coupon at Amazon. That’s a savings of $20 on the normal price of $34.99.

TP-Link WiFi extender

$14.99 at Amazon (with on-page coupon)

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If your WiFi has ever failed to connect you while organizing in the garage, barbecuing in the backyard, or sitting on the front stoop, you know the frustration of wandering closer to your home’s router. Stay connected during your next journey to the far corners of the with a simple plug-in that extends your WiFi’s reach that’s on sale for 57% off today.

As of Oct. 17, the TP-Link WiFi extender is down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon thanks to an on-page coupon. The coupon brings the extender down to just $14.99 — a savings of $20 on the regular price of $34.99.

The TP-Link WiFi extender can stretch your connectivity reach up to 1,200 square feet from your home’s router. It’s compatible with any WiFi router and the simple set-up involves plugging the extender in and two taps of a button. Dual-band performance allows you to connect to 5GHz or 2.4GHz, allowing for up to 32 devices to connect — which could come in handy as we head into the holiday season of gatherings. It can also be convenient for connecting smart-home devices like security cameras that might not be close enough to the router to reliably stay online.

The TP-Link WiFi extender is compatible with gaming consoles, phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs so every electronic in your home can easily connect. The extender also has an Ethernet cord if you prefer a wired connection. TP Link designed the extender to be child-friendly without an external antenna. The extender itself is 2.6 inches wide and 4.4 inches tall.

Make sure your home’s WiFi reaches all corners with the TP-Link WiFi extender, marked down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen of just $14.99 at Amazon.

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