Get a VPN that helps protect your IoT devices for life for $199

TL;DR: As of October 1, get the Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN for only $198.99 — that’s 44% off.

Protecting yourself online takes work. It’s not just your phone, computer, and tablet you may have to look out for. If you have smart devices in the house, those may need some extra protection, too. It all sounds pretty complicated, but there are tools that cover all those bases and more, and you don’t even need to pay a subscription to get them.Deeper Connect Mini is a decentralized VPN and firewall. What sets it apart from other VPNs is that Deeper Connect Mini is a physical piece of hardware you install in your home, and then it helps keep your network safe for life. If you want to give it a try, you can get the Deeper Connect Mini while it’s 44% off for only $198.99. 

Protect your IoT devices

Smart home tech is cool, but it also requires some protection of its own. Some hackers can break into your network through vulnerable IoT devices, but that’s something Deeper Connect Mini specifically helps guard against. You can connect an unlimited number of devices to this hardware VPN, and that includes all of your IoT devices. Your smart thermostat and LED ambient lighting don’t have to compromise your security. 

Since it’s a decentralized VPN, it actually adds another layer of security for your information. That means your information is stored and encrypted on your personal devices, so there’s no vulnerable server somewhere in the world that can be hacked to reveal your private data. 

What else can this VPN do? 

Some other standout features include one-click parental controls to filter unsafe content, blockchain mining, ad blocking, smart routing, and the chance to pay once and get all that for life.Get the Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN and firewall hardware for $198.99. 

Prices subject to change. 

Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN and firewall hardware

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