Explore the Extraordinary Journey of ‘The Voice’ Star Chang Po Ching

Australian singing competition ‘The Voice’ has captivated audiences with its talented contestants and dedicated coaches. As the grand final approaches, one contestant, Chang Po Ching, stands out for his exceptional voice and unique story. In this article, we delve into the life of Chang Po Ching, uncovering his background and the reason behind his decision to decline an eye surgery.

Who is Chang Po Ching?

Despite not making it to the top four of ‘The Voice,’ Chang Po Ching has garnered immense love and support from fans and coaches alike. At the age of 26, Chang, who was born partially blind, never allowed his condition to hinder his pursuit of his dreams. During the auditions, he chose coach Boy George, who understood the experience of being different. According to Chang, the focus was always on his voice and the emotion he conveyed through his performances.

In addition to his musical talents, Chang is a married man and a father of two sons, with the youngest being just 11 months old. His wife and children prefer to stay out of the limelight, maintaining their privacy. Outside of ‘The Voice,’ Chang works as a counselor for troubled kids at a juvenile detention center in Brisbane. Growing up, he discovered his passion for singing by harmonizing with his father, a local pastor, who played the guitar while his mother accompanied on the piano.

Chang Po Ching’s Struggle with Self-Image

Chang Po Ching was born with sight in only one eye, and for many years, he yearned for a glass eye in a bid to resemble “normal” individuals. The struggle with self-image was a constant battle, as he despised looking at his own reflection. He confessed that he constantly fretted about how people viewed him and longed for a deeper connection with others. However, his participation in ‘The Voice’ provided a platform for him to embrace his true self and express his love for music. Now, Chang believes that people can see him for who he truly is.

The Unexpected Decision: Chang Po Ching’s Eye Surgery

Although Chang’s parents were willing to make sacrifices to afford the eye surgery, he ultimately decided against it. For years, he had desired to undergo the procedure, hoping it would make him feel more “normal.” However, as he grew older, he accepted his unique appearance as a part of his identity. Chang admitted that looking in the mirror used to fill him with self-doubt and hinder his confidence in public. The desire to fit in was strong, but realizing that he could still pursue his dreams and be happy without conforming to societal norms, Chang chose to embrace his individuality.

Looking Ahead

Chang Po Ching’s journey in ‘The Voice’ has been a testament to his resilience, talent, and self-acceptance. As his musical career progresses, he aims to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and follow their passions, regardless of societal expectations. By sharing his story, Chang hopes to connect with audiences on a deeper level, encouraging them to find strength in their individuality.

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