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Updated On October 16, 2018, at 8:15 AM

Explore Quentin Kenihan wiki, bio, age, height, Quentin Kenihan cause of death? Was Quentin Kenihan married, who is Quentin Kenihan wife then? Also have a look at Quentin Kenihan net worth, salary, and his funereal updates.

It is with great sadness that we inform you that the disability advocate, Quentin Kenihan passed away while he was in his early 40s.

The TV star was from Adelaide. And recently he was working on to become an area councilor during the November election.

One of the Hollywood actors, Russell Crowe said that the loss of his “little mate” made him feel devastated. Through his tweets, he said,

“The bravest bloke I ever met … not confined anymore,”

His friend and former support worker, Ian Kissock told the ABC that he couldn’t revive the disabled boy, Quentin Kenihan.

Kissock said,

“I saw him yesterday afternoon – he was fine,” Kissock said. “Then I get a phone call to say can I come and put his mask on. When I got here, there were two ambos here and they couldn’t revive him.”

“Quentin was unique. He had a fantastic sense of humor. He had a brilliant mind.”

A suburban boy, Kenihan suffered from brittle bone disease or osteogenesis imperfecta. Was it Quentin Kenihan cause of death? or are there any other things? How long did he suffer from the disease?

Know more about him through his private life including Quentin Kenihan age, height, his cause of death. Also, check out Quentin Kenihan wiki-like bio and net worth updates.

Quentin Kenihan cause of death

The disabled boy, Quentin Kenihan death is a huge loss to the Australian film and television industry. Besides, Quentin Kenihan cause of death might be the bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta.

Since birth, Quentin Kenihan suffered from multiple fractures due to his condition. He also underwent numerous operations and arthritis. Kenihan spent seven and a half years of his life in hospital.

When he was about to host the show one-man show called ‘This Is 40. Now What?’,” Kenihan approached it with a total gusto. He said,

“From the people I’ve met to my codeine addiction when I was 19, it will all be there. But I don’t want to dwell on my disability.”

he added;

“I was thinking the other day of the days I have spent in the hospital and the broken bones, but the focus of the show isn’t about all of that. It’s much more simplistic actually, as it’s just all about inspiring people.’’

Is Quentin Kenihan married? Who is Quentin Kenihan wife?

Till now, there are neither news nor rumors of Quentin Kenihan getting married to his wife or having a girlfriend. So, we can assume that he was single.

Previously, Quentin Kenihan disclosed that it was hard for him when it comes to unrequited love or girls. He confessed,

“The hardest is always the unrequited love. When you finally say to a girl ‘How about it?’ and they go ‘Urgggggh’. That’s the thing I still struggle the most with.”

He even reached the point where he took the thought of ‘happily ever after’ out of his mind. Kenihan revealed, As in falling in love and all that kind of stuff because I can’t say to a girl ‘Hey … buy into all of this.’ I still struggle with that a lot.”

Quentin Kenihan Wiki Bio

The Australian actor, as well as a filmmaker, Quentin Kenihan was born on 27 February 1975, in Australia. Quentin Kenihan age was 43 when he died and had a height of 0.99m.

He was the first disabled person whose documentary was made on commercial television. And he credits his parents for his determination. Kenihan confessed,

“I didn’t have a choice. My parents pushed me out there and said ‘Go’. It was really trial by fire.”

He continued,

“Dad (the late Geoffrey Kenihan) was an A-grade journalist for 45 years. Mum (Kerry Kenihan) was a journo too. She used to write for The Advertiser and worked for New Idea for 20 years.”

As for his education, Kenihan attended  Flinders University where he studied film and drama.

Quentin Kenihan Net Worth

Kenihan shot to fame after the number of interviews, he conducted alongside Mike Willesee. Additionally, on channel ten, he had a television series.

The turning point in his career came after he made an appearance on the Nine Network’s Midday show “completely off his nut.” Later on, Kenihan took a job for three years as a TAFE telephonist.

Moreover, in May 2016, he landed on an audition for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ eventually performing a role of Corpus Colossus in the movie.

In 2005’s ‘You And Your Stupid Mate,’ Kenihan portrayed the role of Angus Sampson, The Organic Mechanic. As of 2018, Quentin Kenihan net worth is under review.

Quentin Kenihan age, birthday, height weight, nationality, ethnicity

Full Name Quentin Kenihan
Born 27 February 1975- died at age 43, 2018
Birthplace Australia
Age 43-years-old
Height 0.99m tall
Nationality Australian
Profession Actor, filmmaker, author
Net Worth N/A

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