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The search of a missing Sydney dentist, Preethi Reddy, ended with the tragic news of her brutal murder.

Last night, her dead body was found stuffed inside a suitcase in her car. Just before 9:30 PM, her remains were discovered in a laneway at Kingsgate in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Preethi Reddy wiki, bio, age, height, husband, cause of death, net worth, Last night, her dead body was found stuffed inside a suitcase in her car. Just before 9:30 PM, her remains were discovered in a laneway at Kingsgate in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.
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Preethi was reported to be missing on March 3 when she didn’t return home from a dental convention at St Leonard’s. It was reported that the missing woman was accompanied by her ex-boyfriend in the conference.

What is Preethi Reddy’s actual cause of death? Was she married? And who is her ex-boyfriend?

Let’s delve into the details of this thriller crime. As we give away the info about Preethi Reddy wiki, bio, age, height, hold your phone to see Preethi Reddy’s cause of death.

Preethi Reddy was stabbed to death before her body was found inside a suitcase in her car.
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Who is Preethi Reddy’s ex-boyfriend?

The main suspect of Preethi Reddy’s murder has been her former long-term boyfriend, Harshwardhan Narde. He was a 34-year-old dentist employed in Oasis Smiles Dental clinic in Tamworth.

Prior to his current workplace, he was engaged in Happy Smiles clinic in Tenterfield until September 2016. Narde is an alumnus from the University of Banglore.

Scene of crash at Willow Tree
Photo Credit: Rural Fire Service

Following the missing news of his partner, Reddy’s boyfriend died in a fiery crash on the New England Highway on Monday.

The couple together attended the dental conference and spent Sunday in a hotel on Market Street in the CBD. The convention ended at 7 PM and they seemed happy to stay back for a chat, a colleague of Dr. Reddy and Narde revered.

According to the police, Narde was also in the list of their missing persons’ investigation. The head-on collision that killed Reddy’s ex-boyfriend was around 340 kilometers of the place where Preethi’s dead body was found.

Harshwardhan Narde was “quiet”, according to Dr Reddy’s former boss who spoke to news.com.au.
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But that’s not where the thriller ends. Police believe the car crash was a “deliberate act”. Did Dr. Narde commit suicide after murdering his ex-girlfriend? Everyone is having this educated guess.

Preethi Reddy cause of death:

Recent reports from ABC news revealed that Preethi Reddy’s ex-boyfriend’s family was preparing an arranged marriage. Relative from India Chaitanya Joshi wrote on Facebook,

“Here at home, your parents had started looking at marriage proposals for you — we all were so happy at the prospect of you getting married.”

Addressing this tragedy, Krishna Nadimapalli, the president of the Federation of Indian Associations, said the arrange marriage creates”
conflict and pressure” and creates a lot of stress and misunderstandings.

The Penrith woman last spoke to her family at 11am on Sunday. Picture: Supplied
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CCTV footage show that Dr. Preethi Reddy was seen last time in McDonald’s on George Street in the CBD. She was standing alone at the counter before leaving the restaurant. Then, she walked through the city towards Market Street.

Inferring to Dr. Preethi Reddy cause of death, Detective Superintendent Gavin Dengate said,

“I cannot qualify exactly what has happened and I won”t put it out there because if we”re wrong and it”s not substantiated then we”re doing a disservice to Preethi and her family.” 

Though the actual cause of death is anonymous, it was found that Dr. Reddy’s body was stabbed numerous times and apparently, she died from those cuts.

CCTV footage captured Dr Reddy in McDonald’s on Sunday about 2.15am.

Preethi Reddy wiki, bio, age, and height:

Dr. Preethi Reddy was born in the year 1986 in an Indian family. Her key-suspect Dr. Narde also comes from Indian ethnicity and background.

The murdered woman, aged 32, used to work in a clinic in the Blue Mountains and lived in Penrith. Her colleague commented saying,

“She was a strong girl who loved dentistry. She was always cheerful, happy and a positive person. She was hardworking.”

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