EXPLORE Lotte Van Der Zee Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth

lotte van der zee wiki, bio, age, height, net worth 2019

INTERESTING FACTS ON Lotte Van Der Zee wiki, bio, age, height, what is Lotte Van Der Zee cause of death, her dating affairs, relationships and her net worth updates!

Former Miss Teen Universe and Dutch model Lotte Van Der Zee is no more. Her family took to Instagram and broke the tragic news writing she is “not around us anymore.”

The heart-touching tribute revealed that she passed away at 22:27 on Wednesday evening. The statement wrote,

“It is incredibly surreal that our dearly beloved Lotte is not around us anymore. 

Our hearts are truly broken. We would like to thank you all again for all the support and heartwarming messages.”

Lotte’s photo in a red ski outfit and beanie hat was posted alongside the message. She looked happy while enjoying the snow in her last photo.

What is Lotte Van Der Zee cause of death? Was she dating anyone? Who is her boyfriend? Here, we are giving you the wind.

Continue reading to know about Lotte Van Der Zee wiki, bio, age, height. Then see her ethnicity, nationality and birthday.

Lotte Van Der Zee wiki, bio, age, height

The departed beauty queen Lotte Van Der Zee was born on February 27, 1999. It had hardly been two weeks of her last birthday celebration. Before winning the title of Miss Teen Universe 2017, she had bagged titles of some other local competitions as well.

Alike many teen models, Lotte dreamed of being Victoria Secret model. This young diva was expected to become the next sought after face in the modeling industry. At the time of death, her age was only 20 years old.

As to her body measurements, the late Miss Teen universe had a height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 m. Her weight was approximately around 55 kg or 123 lbs, Dreshare reports.

She was a high-school graduate student who loved skiing and partying with friends. According to her online biography, Lotte used to love Bradley Cooper and Jenifer Anniston.

Lotte Van Der Zee cause of death

The young beauty queen was in a family trip in Westendorf, Austria at the time of her death. Her factual cause of death is reported to be “cardiac arrest”.

According to her parents, before the day of heart attack, Lotte had gone in a night out with her friends. When she returned home, the 20-year-old seemed “cheerful and without health complaints”.

However, the following morning, their daughter didn’t come down for breakfast. When they went to her room, Lotte was lying ill in her bed. In line with their Instagram post, the illness quickly “escalated to sudden cardiac arrest” in the day.

Soon after, Lotte was sent to the local hospital where she was kept in a medically induced coma. The treatment didn’t work so her family again shifted her to specialist hospital in Munich. According to the news reports, Lotte Van Der Zee’s cause of death is “organ failure.”

Doctors are still trying to find out what caused Lotte’s heart attack. The checkup will reveal the precise reason of her cause of death.

Who is Lotte Van Der Zee boyfriend?

A dive into her public Instagram account doesn’t reveal any trace of her boyfriend. In fact, 95% of her IG feeds are either selfie or single photographs.

In addition, web-based research shows no account of her probable boyfriend. Her online profiles barely have any information about her dating status.

So, it safe to assume that Lotte Van Der Zee was single. Even if she had a boyfriend, no one has publicly expressed their tributes as her other half.

However, it must noted that this 20-year-old is unmarried. She doesn’t have any husband but, her dating status in unidentified.

Lotte Van Der Zee nationality, ethnicity, and net worth

Speaking of Lotte Van Der Zee’s nationality, she is a local from Holland.
Her father, Bert Van Der Zee, and mother, Eugeniek Van Het Hul are both from that country- and that makes her nationality Dutch.

On a similar note, this young model belongs to White Caucasian ethnicity and her birth sign is Pisces.

As far as the data about her net worth, Dreshare reports that Lotte Van Der Zee has an estimated net worth of $450, 000. Articles from Lifestyle Inquirer revealed that Miss Universe organization pays $250, 000 as a cash prize to the winner. Rest of Lotte’s net worth is attributed to her modeling career and sponsorships plus endorsements.

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