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The story of ‘baby Tegan‘ is definitely one of the most baffling and mysterious cases of our generation. Keli Lane- mother of baby Tegan- was convicted of killing her own child in 1996.

Just after two days of giving birth to Tegan, Lane left the Auburn public hospital with her daughter. After a few hours, she attended a wedding but, she came alone.

The accusation of Tegan’s murder wasn’t made until she put her next baby into the adoption process. While being enquired about her previous child, Keli attested that she had given Tegan to her biological father  Andrew Morris or Norris but that man was never found.

Keli Lane has already spent many years in prison for this alleged crime. She was sentenced for 18 years for infanticide. On 12 May 2023, Lane would be eligible for parole.

Once again there is unrest in the media about this mystery. People are speculating whether Keli was wrongly accused?

Documentaries are made on Keli Lane and 60 Minutes Australia also has covered this story. Let’s further delve into wiki, bio, age, husband, and height of Keli Lane. We would also be covering the interviews and biography of Keli Lane.

Keli Lane Wiki Bio

Born on 21 March 1975, currently, Keli lane has aged 43 years. When she gave birth to Tegan her age was merely 21 years

Before coming to the spotlight from accusation of infanticide, Keli was an Australian Water Polo player. Keli lane comes from a family of elites. Sandra, her mother, is a water polo team manager and her father, Robert Lane, is a former police officer and well-known surfer and a gifted rugby player.

Keli Lane was educated in Manly, New South Wales at Mackellar Girls High School. She went to University of Newcastle (Australia) for a bachelors degree in arts.

Halting her career as a Water Polo player, she also worked in Ravenswood School for Girls as a physical education teacher. At that time she was continuing her study at Australian College of Physical Education.

Keli Lane Marriage, Husband, boyfriend, and Children:

Keli was beautiful, successful, famous and this star had a good family background and a promising career. She dated several guys and had enviable boyfriends including Duncan Gillies- a rugby league player.

Though she never married or had a husband, she has four children from her boyfriends. The two children before Tegan was secretly put up for adoption.

Is Keli Lane innocent?

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Keli Lane, herself, wrote a letter to Caro Meldrum-Hanna requesting for reinvestigation of the case. Lane still insists on her innocence. But is she really guiltless?

In that letter, Lane has written,

 “For over a decade, my family and I have been searching for Andrew and Tegan, seeking professional advice and respecting the legal process. It hasn’t worked.”

Keli is yet trying to prove that she has given the child to her father. She further reveals,

“Ultimately, we are trying to locate Andrew, our daughter Tegan (now 20yr) or a family member who can confirm the baby went safely into her father’s custody.”

Keli Lane age, birthday, height weight, nationality, ethnicity

Name Keli Lane
Age 43 Years
Birthday 21 March 1975
Height N/A
Married No
Boyfriend N/A
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth N/A
Children Four

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