Explore Instagram Model Melissa Gentz Wiki Facts: Why Did Her Boyfriend Assault Her?

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Melissa Gentz audio, a college student, Melissa Gentz, released an audio of the alleged attack made by her millionaire boyfriend while they were in Tampa apartment.

On September 23, she released an audio in which she claims her boyfriend Erick Brentz, age 25, allegedly beat her over a revealing Instagram post.

Throughout the fighting part of the audio, her boyfriend said,

‘Why are you so dumb? Stop being stupid, see. You have no more notion of p … none. I already told you, see. Stop being dumb!’

Earlier this week, Melissa Gentz made a decision to reveal her bruised and bloody eye as well as the other injuries suffered from the alleged attack to the social media. And for doing so, her boyfriend, Erick Brentz’s millionaire family said that they will sue her.


His lawyer told that ‘the domestic violence injunction filed by the “victim” was dismissed after a hearing by Judge Perrone. In addition, the state prosecutor dropped the charge of tampering with a witness.’

So, what actually had happened between the college student and her boyfriend? Explore more about Melissa Gentz wiki-like bio.

What Happened To Instagram Model Melissa Gentz?

The college student, Melissa Gentz, and her boyfriend, Erick Brentz, were at Bretz’s apartment a little after 4 am. It was when he took some ‘Patz,’ a medication, as prescribed for insomnia.

The police reports,

‘The defendant became argumentative and jealous after he consumed his medication and approximately four beers and three fourths a bottle of wine.’

Reportedly, he was angry over a photo posted by his girlfriend Melissa Gentz on Instagram. From then onwards, Melissa Gentz was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend. As per Tampa Bay Times, Melissa said that he threw her on the floor, kicking her in the face, and wrapping her legs on her throat eventually cutting the air supply.

Then Melissa Gentz boyfriend Erick Brentz allegedly pulled a chunk of her hair and hit her in the face with a bottle of Pedialyte. She even failed her first attempt to find safety. The report said,

‘The victim was able to enter the bathroom in an attempt to call 911 but the defendant kicked open the bathroom door to prevent her from contacting 911.’

‘She attempted to run out of the bathroom but the defendant continued to restrain her.’ Finally, she was able to flee the apartment.

Melissa Gentz Erick Brentz Fight?

The incident began through a revealing Instagram post of Melissa Gentz. She professed that her boyfriend became irate after he saw a photo of her wearing a black spaghetti strap top and her hair tied up.

Melissa re-posted the above post writing;

‘ I’m reposting this photo because my ex-boyfriend deleted it without my seeing it. He said that a woman with a boyfriend could not have photo “showing her breasts”

‘I ask ALL women to have the strength and courage to end abusive relationships like my last. It started with complaints of my photos on Instagram, after the comments in the photos, messages I received at WhatsApp … until he got me through the hair and said that I needed to accept my reality because I was the woman of the relationship.’

Melissa Gentz Wiki Bio

Melissa Gentz is an undergraduate student at the University of Southern Florida. Currently, Melissa Gentz age is 22. She released the audio of her alleged attack on September 23.

As for Melissa Gentz parents, she often posts pictures of her father, mother and her grandmother time and again. One of them is with her mother. She also has a younger sister named Monique Gentz.

She had been dating her millionaire boyfriend, Eric Bretz, for three months before he allegedly beat her. After the attack, Melissa Gentz shared a photo of her face showing a large cut across her forehead, bloodied left side of the face, and bloodshot eyes.

Melissa Gentz Age, Birthday, Height Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity

Name Melissa Gentz
Age 22 years old
Birthday 1996
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Married No
Boyfriend Eric Bretz
Nationality Portuguese
Ethnicity White
Instagram @melissalgentz

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