EXPLORE Harry Pile on Ellen Show Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Instagram, Birthday, Parents Background, and Updates!!

Harry Pile Ellen Show Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Insta, Birthday, Parents Background, and Updates

Harry Pile became an overnight internet sensation after appearing on The Ellen Show. He is super smart with photographic memory and can name every flag in the world.

Originally from Liverpool, England, Pile flew with his parents Shellie and Steve to California to attend the show. He left Ellen DeGeneres extremely impressed after naming every flag and logo correctly.

What is Harry Pile’s parents’ background? Who are his siblings? When is Harry Pile’s birthday? Here is what we know about the prodigy. As we get started with Harry Pile wiki, bio, age, height, continue reading to know more about his Instagram updates.

Birth Name/ Real Name

Harry Pile

How old is Harry Pile? (Age)

Although Harry Pile’s precise birthday isn’t available, he is currently two years old.

Sun Sign/ Zodiac Sign


Instagram ID

You can follow Harry Pile on Instagram under the User ID @explorewithharry. His account is run by his mother Shellie.

Birth Place

Liverpool City



Educational Background

The two-year-old genius is yet to receive any formal education. However, his father explained his intelligence saying, ‘He just retains everything. He is the one that is grabbing your finger and asking what things are – it is like he is teaching himself.’

“And at about 11 months he really took a shine to education. By 18 months he could spell and read his own name and he knew all his complex shapes, telling the difference between a rhombus and a pentagon.”





Parents and Family Background

Harry Pile’s father Steve is a financial adviser. On the other hand, his mother Shellie is a 29-year-old full-time mum and she takes Harry to playgroups and soft play centers.

The young prodigy has an older brother named John Pile who is currently six years old. Their mother told in an interview, ‘He (John) is Harry’s best friend, he just idolizes John and he sits with him and his books because John is very intelligent too.’



Hair Color


Eye Color


Harry Pile on Ellen Show Wiki Bio

Born and raised in Liverpool, Harry Pile from The Ellen Show became famous for his incredible photographic memory. He can name every flag in the world despite being a two-year-old toddler.

Pile is already learning Russian and can even identify the Russian alphabet. At the wee age of 18 months, Harry could spell and read his own name and he knew all his complex shapes. Now, he can count in different languages.

Looking back to his early signs of prodigy, Shellie said in an interview ‘When he was first born, we noticed that he was really alert. His eyes were so big and open, we would joke that he always looked shocked.”

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