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The ABC acting managing director David Anderson said he is “certainly interested” to displace Michelle Guthrie. The replacement is expected by Christmas.

ABC’s first female managing director, Michelle Guthrie, was brutally sacked in the middle of her term. Michelle Guthrie relationship with the board of directors was becoming poisonous- especially with Justin Milne.


Cause of Michelle Guthrie Sacked

Almost all the current directors of ABC have political affiliations. The chairman Milne himself was appointed because of his connection with the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

While pitching for Michelle Guthrie replacement, he withheld criticizing the former managing director’s performance. Speaking to ABC News Breakfast, Mr. ABC acting managing director David Anderson said,

“Her leadership style was there for everyone to see and there’ll always be different opinions about people and how they lead.”

The employees of ABC welcomed the news of Guthrie’s sacking with great joy. Likewise, Mr. David Anderson also seems very excited to throw his hat in the ring for the coveted job. The removal of Michelle Guthrie is imputed to low staff morale and budget problems.

David Anderson didn’t forget to warrant that under his leadership he is committed to making ABC robust and relevant. In the interview, Anderson added,

“We will ensure the ABC remains as strong, relevant and essential to future generations as it has been in the past and as it is today.”

Despite David Anderson assurance, it is an open question whether he can manage the political pressure as all the top level directors have connections with government.

For now, Mr. Anderson is focused on building a healthy relationship with the government while being “fiercely independent”.

Let’s look deeper into David Anderson wiki, bio, age, and height of Guthrie’s interim replacement, ABC’s David Anderson. How much does David Anderson earn? See David Anderson net worth, married life, and wife.

ABC David Anderson Wiki Bio

David Anderson was born to a mother who was a theatre performer and a hairdresser. David Anderson father was into academics and science. He spent his childhood at Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills.

When he first joined ABC, David Anderson first job was to change tea towels and sorting mails.

David Anderson was titled “director entertainment and specialist” on February 2018. This middle-aged man had a successful career in the media industry for nearly 3 decades.  And today He has a wide range of experience from overseeing ABC’s digital products to national radio stations. David Anderson height stands at an average Australian height.

ABC David Anderson wife and marriage:

David Anderson told The Sydney Morning Herald how he started dating his wife. When David Anderson and his wife were just friends, he took her to Kobe Jones, a King Street Wharf restaurant. In his reverie, he said,

“We were still just friends … I went to the bathroom, I came back, and I thought, ‘I’m going to kiss her’.

And I just walked around to the other side of the table and gave her a kiss, and we’ve been kissing ever since.”

A few years later, David Anderson married his wife and momentarily they have a loving family. But whereabouts of David Anderson wife is still not made public, maybe the couple prefers a low key life and dodge any media attention.


ABC David Anderson Net Worth

While stepping in for Guthrie, David Anderson ABC openly stated his eligibility for the vacated position. This 29 year veteran of the ABC said,

“I’ve spent my life at the ABC, I love the ABC and public broadcasting and its purpose and what we deliver to the Australian people,”

About 150 in ABC earn more than $200,000. Michelle Guthrie was the highest paid staff with a hefty net worth. Mr. Anderson’s net worth is expected to fold with the new appointment.

As of now, David Anderson ABC net worth is under review. We will update you soon on ABC David Anderson net worth till then stay tuned, keep reading!

David Anderson age, birthday, height weight, ethnicity, wife, net worth

Name David Anderson
Age N.A
Birthday N/A
Height N/A
Married Yes
Wife Sam
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth Under Review



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