Litwick Community Day: Catch the Hottest Pokémon for October’s Event

Litwick, the adorable Candle Pokémon, is taking center stage for October’s Community Day in Pokémon Go! This special event, held monthly, features increased spawn rates for a specific Pokémon, higher chances of encountering shiny variants, exclusive moves, and a range of other exciting bonuses. With Litwick being a fan favorite and its final evolution, Chandelure, being a powerful contender in Pokémon Go, this Community Day is not to be missed.

Capturing a Perfect Litwick with 100% IV Stats

During October’s Community Day, you have the perfect opportunity to catch a Litwick with 100% IV stats. If you achieve this feat, it’s essential to know Chandelure’s best moveset. But keep in mind that the perfect stats may vary depending on your objectives. For the Master League and raids, you’ll want a Chandelure with exclusively 15/15/15 IV stats. In contrast, for the Great League and Ultra League, a different stats distribution is preferable, focusing on lower attack and higher defense.

Evolution Chart of Litwick: From Litwick to Chandelure

The evolution line of Litwick follows a fascinating theme. Litwick evolves into Lampent, and then into Chandelure. According to the Pokédex entries, Litwick is known to guide lost children to the spirit world, while Lampent is feared as an emissary of death, appearing before someone’s passing. Chandelure haunts dilapidated mansions, using its dancing flames to hypnotize opponents. To complete the evolution line, you’ll need a total of 125 Litwick Candy, with 25 for Lampent and 100 for Chandelure. Additionally, an Unova Stone is required to evolve Lampent into Chandelure, and there’s a timed research task during the Community Day event that grants up to five Unova Stones.

Unleashing Chandelure’s Power: Moves and Best Moveset

Chandelure is an impressive Pokémon in raids and is considered the best non-Legendary, non-Mythical ghost-type attacker in the game. Its moveset for Great League comprises Incinerate (Fast), Shadow Ball (Charged), and Flame Charge (Charged). In the Ultra League, Fire Spin can replace Incinerate. For Master League, the same moveset as the Great League is recommended. However, with the addition of Poltergeist as Chandelure’s new Community Day move, the moveset may change. Poltergeist deals 140 damage, making it the most potent ghost-type move, but its significance in battles remains to be seen. It’s worth catching a few Chandelures with Poltergeist for raids, but Elite TMs shouldn’t be used on other Chandelures at this point.

Shiny Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure: Exquisite Alternatives

One of the main attractions of any Community Day event is the increased chance of encountering shiny Pokémon. Shiny Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure feature unique color schemes. Litwick adopts a colder blue hue with a green eye, while Lampent changes its eye color to blue and has darker metal. Shiny Chandelure boasts orange flames, darker blacks, a purple eye, and a warmer, greenish body. It’s advisable to wait until after the event to evolve shiny Litwick, giving you enough time to catch multiple shiny Litwicks and accumulate sufficient Candy for evolution.

Other Bonuses during the Lampent Community Day

Community Days in Pokémon Go come with a range of bonuses. Apart from increased spawns and shiny rates, you can enjoy triple catch XP, double catch Candy, extended Incense and Lure durations, increased chances of receiving Candy XL, photobombs, exclusive Field Research, timed research, event-themed stickers, additional Special Trades, and reduced Stardust costs for trades. Completing Lampent raids after the event allows Litwick to appear in the vicinity, and these Litwicks maintain the increased shiny rate observed during the Community Day window.

Don’t miss out on Litwick’s Community Day, and may your journey be filled with perfect catches and shiny encounters!