Compass Real Estate: Facts and Figures

While many real estate companies exist across the USA, it can sometimes be good to look more in-depth at a company before choosing them for your property needs. In doing so, you may be able to figure out whether or not their morals and work ethics co-align with your own, and if you trust them to carry out adequate work on your behalf. Taking Compass Real Estate: Facts and Figures can help you to understand more about this decade-old company and answer the question of “Is Compass real estate a good company”

Some of the figures associated with Compass Real Estate can be quite astounding. Although they only began official operations in 2012, they could be seen to have climbed the ladder to success relatively quickly, especially when you think about how long real estate agents must have existed for. In this time, they have managed to expand to include 25,000 real estate agents who work on a commission basis, as is standard for this line of work. Within this period, it has also been reported that they have gained approximately $1.5 billion from a variety of investors. In April 2021, this business was then valued at $8.22 billion, over 5 times the amount of those aforementioned investments.

One of the key points you may want to think about in regard to Compass Real Estate can be the changes they brought to the market. Rather than simply having business premises and employees, they also included the use of a bespoke app. This may have helped to revolutionize the working processes and make it easier for consumers to find their new property.

You may also want to give some thought to one of the founders, and current CEO, of Compass, Robert Reffkin. When many people think of real estate companies or business owners in general, they may have an illusion of a middle-class individual who has started a business thanks to a hefty trust fund. However, in Reffkin’s case, that is completely untrue. As a child, Reffkin only had his mother to turn to and, at times, was beneath the poverty line due to bankruptcy issues. This meant that to start up Compass, he had to find investors, rather than being able to inject substantial amounts of cash on his own.

In addition to the financial problems related to starting up a company, Reffkin may have also had other social issues to contend with. As a Black, Jewish male, he may have faced prejudice and critique from others within this competitive industry. However, he refused to let his ethnicity or religion hold him back, which can make him a great role model for others who come from a minority, or underprivileged background.

While Compass Real Estate may not have been trading as long as some of the other companies out there, they can be seen as a company that has grown rapidly from very little. They may also be a good choice for those who want to support people who have worked for their success, even when faced with adversity.

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